Automated annual reports at BayernLB

Die Bayerische Landesbank ist eine Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts mit Sitz in München. Als Landesbank ist sie die Hausbank des Freistaates Bayern und Spitzeninstitut für die bayerischen Sparkassen. Mit Ausnahme der Führung von Spareinlagen betreibt das Institut als Universalbank alle Arten von Bankgeschäften

Bayerische Landesbank has enhanced its IDL reporting environment with IDL Publisher. The central finance department uses the tool to generate comprehensive notes and attachment information directly from IDL Konsis. In the future, the whole annual report and parts of the management reporting will be created and published using IDL Publisher.

Reliable and attractive report creation with IDL Publisher

  • Long-term use of IDL Konsis and IDL Finrep
  • Introduction of IDL Publisher to automatically create the annual report
  • Current figures in just one click during the creation process
  • Information for auditors and for printing facilities with individually-defined layouts
  • Attractive presentation of information for investor relations
  • Audit-proof report processes with significantly reduced documentation effort
  • Integration of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) is planned

Consolidation and general and regulatory reporting are seamlessly integrated

BayernLB has been an IDL client for many years. After working with IDL Konsis and banking solution IDL Finrep, the finance department introduced IDL Publisher to automate annual report creation. The scope of the tool was significantly extended as part of the development partnership with IDL. The Accounting and Reporting Department of BayernLB now creates and publishes its comprehensive notes and attachment information with IDL Publisher and plans to use this to generate the whole annual report in the future. All financial data required for the notes information is now directly loaded from IDL Konsis via an interface. The direct data flows and discontinuation of Excel solutions mean that the finance department significant reduces the effort that goes into documentation and can access extremely reliable data. Automatic controls guarantee that data quality remains consistently high. When the annual financial statement is created, updated figures can easily be imported from IDL Konsis into the layout version of the notes and attachments with just one click so that the current work version has reliable data at all times.

Software and Systems

  • IDL Konsis
  • IDL Finrep
  • IDL Publisher
  • IDL Xlslink


  • Bayerische Landesbank
  • The leading business bank for large and medium-sized clients in Germany
  • With over 4.15 million private clients, the subsidiary of Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) is the second-largest direct bank in Germany
  • The shareholders are the Free State of Bavaria (around 75%) and the Association of Bavarian Savings Banks (around 25%)

The direct flow of data between IDL Konsis and IDL Publisher ensures that our reporting for the annual report is always reliable and up to date.

Thomas Schwab
For example, Financial Office Finance Department, Team Accounting Reporting, Bayerische Landesbank

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