Users at Modeling and Analysis Software Company are Able to Consume Up-To-Date Information for Analysis and Decision Making, Thanks to Atlas

AGI uses Atlas to improve decision making, save time, reduce reliance on the IT department, and quickly create ad hoc reports

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AGI addressed the following reporting challenges after implementing Atlas address for the organization:

  • Accessing applicable data
  • Rekeying data from Microsoft Dynamics into spreadsheets
  • A lack of access to real-time information
  • A heavy reliance on IT to create or edit reports
  • Creating reports in a timely manner
  • Combining/consolidating GL and non-GL data from core systems and other database sources

The company then evaluated the following reporting tools before selecting Atlas:

  • Management Reporter
  • An Excel add-in


AGI used Atlas as a replacement for Management Reporter, and uses the following supplemental reporting tools with Atlas:

  • Power BI tools
  • A data warehouse solution

AGI also uses the Atlas query functionality for reporting beyond Financials/GL for the following types of reports beyond Financials/GL:

  • Manufacturing Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Payables/Receivables
  • Cost Management


  • Freed more than 50% of their organization’s IT support now that they have Atlas to create reports.
  • Trimmed more than 60% from their previous reporting process after using Atlas.

"Atlas gives any user (with some training) the ability to quickly create ad hoc reports for their needs. In addition, the support and response from the folks at Atlas have been tremendous, facilitating emergency needs to fielding basics along with more in-depth needs.”

Justin Scott
IT Manager
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Highly Efficient

Users are able to quickly create ad hoc reports for their needs

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Improved Decision-Making Capabilities

Scheduling refresh function delivered huge improvements and offers up-to-date information for analysis and decision making

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Excellent Support

Customer support facilitates a wide range of team needs, from basics to emergency needs and more in-depth requests