This case study of Islamic Relief Mali is based on a June 2017 survey of Global Software, Inc. customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“With Atlas, the workload on finance was greatly reduced as the reporting became faster and more timely. Users are also able to generate BVA reports for their projects and take the necessary actions.”

The experienced reporting pain points that led the profiled organization to evaluate and ultimately select Atlas by Global Software, Inc.:

  • Manual, multi-step reporting processes
  • Lack of access to real-time information
  • Creating reports in a timely manner
  • Lack of data accuracy and/or validity
  • Limitation(s) of Management Reporter or Excel Add-in

Used Atlas for reporting beyond Financials / GL in the following area:

  • Project management

Chose Atlas over the following tool:

  • An Excel Add-in

Experienced the following benefits as a result of Atlas:

  • Streamlined report creation
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Improved access to live data to make strategic decisions
  • Users being able to create their own reports, and less dependence on IT
  • The ability to upload data directly from Excel

Streamlined the following processes by using Atlas:

  • Extracting data from Dynamics / relational database
  • Sharing of reports / dashboards with the team or management
  • Budgeting / Forecasting processes
  • Data migration / upload
  • Integrating report information with Microsoft Office tools

Gained the ability to do the following by using Atlas:

  • Identify incorrectly allocated funds and/or duplicate invoices due to reporting errors
  • Direct initiatives based on findings in reports
  • Centralize reporting practices
  • Gain Data Validation capability
  • Increase the ability to complete tactical, complex analysis
  • Increase time savings

Source: Moussa Goita, Communication Focal Person, Islamic Relief Mali
Published: Jun. 14, 2017 TVID: E6A-7A1-B33

Download Link: pdf
Case Study Link: Islamic Relief – Mali

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