Excel-Based Budgeting Solution

for Oracle E-Business Suite

Fast creation and uploading of budgets leaves more time for analysis

Expedite Budgeting Cycles

Budgets and forecasts are an important part of your business and planning process. They are an essential tool for managing risk, yet companies often rely on manual, error-prone processes for getting the information from various departments into Oracle. Budget Wand is an Excel-based solution used for importing budget values or journals through the Oracle budget-loading interface. It effectively replaces Web ADI and allows for faster creation and uploading of budgets, leaving more time for valuable analysis. Budget Wand provides you:

  • Fast access to your data drivers
  • Quick budget creation
  • Easy budget consolidation from multiple departments
  • More time to analyze budgets post load
  • Budget views over multiple periods and years
  • Accelerated budgeting and forecasting cycles
  • The ability for owners to manage their budgets and forecasts

Prevent the loading of bad data
into Oracle E-Business Suite

Reduce cycle times and gain a smoother adjustment process than when using Web ADI

Companies are reducing their budget cycle times and making processes consistent across various divisions

Budget Wand is a budget-loading tool used for leveraging the GL Budgeting functionality in Oracle

With Budget Wand, Oracle Financial users can meet their important financial budgeting and forecasting requirements, all from within Excel and with minimal effort and setup. Budget Wand is used for creating and editing models; distribution and collection of budget values; and for validation and upload of data.

  • Budget models your way
    Easily create budgets spanning years, periods, or multiple ledgers.
  • Detailed error messaging
    Identify errors quickly before loading with cell-based messaging.
  • Centralized distribution of budget models
    Mass create and share with budget owners for companies by centralizing distribution of models.
  • Automatic import and posting of budgets
    Eliminate extra steps by choosing the option to post Excel.


We clearly saw how easy it is to push the budgets back up to Oracle with Budget Wand. It’s much easier than Oracle alternative.

Mark Salter
Director of Finance
The Halifax Herald, Ltd.

Budget Wand enables a much smoother adjustment process with fewer errors than the Applications Desktop Integrator (ADI) we had been using with Oracle.

Karl Wansbone
Financial Accountant

Budget Wand has made our progress much more straightforward by preventing the loading of bad data into Oracle.

Larry DiPaolo
Financial Reporting Manager
Powell Industries


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