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You’re Invited to Attend Excelapalooza

You know when they say, ‘everything’s bigger in Texas?’ insightsoftware’s Excelapalooza, one of the largest Microsoft Excel learning events in the country, is no exception. Don’t miss the opportunity to join 4 Microsoft MVPs for 3 days of Excel training from September 16th to 18th near Dallas, TX.

Why Attend Excelapalooza?

If you use Microsoft Excel, or any Jet Global solution, then Excelapalooza is the conference for you! With multiple sessions on VBA, macros, Jet products, data visualization, Power BI, PivotTables, dashboards, and the latest technology in Microsoft Excel – Excelapalooza is your reporting and analytics dreamland. Not only will you propel your spreadsheet and reporting skills to new heights, but you will also earn CPE credits.

What: Excelapalooza is the Excel conference of the year. Access expert-level training, Excel masters, certified Jet Professionals, and new technology to take your reporting and analytics skills to the next level while earning up to 19 CPE credits.

When: September 16th – 18th, 2019

Where: Hilton Granite Park: 5805 Granite Parkway, Plano TX 75024

Who: insightsoftware, now including Jet Global reporting and analytics, is hosting the event for any and all business professionals who use Excel, Jet, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Sage, or any other ERP system.

How: Register online

Whether you’re an Excel novice or a black belt, Excelapalooza is jam-packed with a wide range of content so everyone can AutoFill their schedule to take away 100’s of new tips and tricks. Regardless of your industry, your skill level, or the way you use Excel, there are multiple sessions to help make you a superstar.

Check out this sample of more than 60 sessions:

Build Stunning Dashboards with Power BIAccording to Gartner, Microsoft’s Power BI is the number one application ecosystem in the business intelligence environment. It contains a large selection of data visualizations, connects to nearly every data source imaginable, includes all the data connection and transformation capabilities of Power Query, and allows completed dashboards to be shared or published to Power BI Desktop opens a new era in data analysis and reporting. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this amazing new reporting tool in action.
The Power of Excel with Data Warehouse Automation: Jet AnalyticsExcel is a powerhouse reporting tool, but left in individual hands, it can result in inconsistent results across users and departments, unreliable numbers, endless hours copying, pasting and finding the right data, and more time in the boardroom arguing about the business reality instead of productive decisions. Join this session to see how you can transform Excel into a governed reporting tool in a matter of hours to find the answers you need instantly.
PivotTables 101PivotTables are Excel’s most powerful feature and the simplest of PivotTables deliver about 80% of their power. In this session, you will master how to create simple, powerful PivotTables with ease. And best of all – mastering basic PivotTables is the key to improving your personal productivity because they are an essential component of countless financial analyses.
Compare All Jet ProductsThe Jet Global products from insightsoftware offer a suite of solutions for Excel-based reporting, analytics, budgeting, and data collaboration, so it’s important to understand what each has to offer, and which is right for you. Trying to use a checklist of functionality can be risky, just because a product can do something doesn’t mean that there’s not a better option. Join this session as we walk through the functionality of each solution – from Jet Reports, to Jet Analytics, to Jet Budgets and Jet Hub. See what each product offers and discuss why one might be a better fit than others when it comes to specific needs.
Using Power Query to Drive your Dashboards Every day, millions of Excel users manually pull data from some source location, manipulate that data, and integrate it into their reporting. Power Query helps automate the cleansing and shaping of your data in preparation for your reporting models. But Power Query can do more for your dashboards than you may have guessed. In this session, you see how a few Power Query tricks can turn your dashboard into a real-time interactive solution.
Control and Transform Your Fiscal Planning Process in Excel with Jet BudgetsExcel is a familiar tool, but disparate spreadsheets can’t be regulated, and trying to reconcile them during the budgeting process becomes a full-time job. Manual input on numerous worksheets is rife with errors and inconsistencies that are nearly impossible to resolve in the end. Join this session to learn how you can eliminate the ‘Excel-mania’ that leads to time-consuming mistakes during the fiscal planning exercise and get fast, accurate, controlled budgets that can be imported to Microsoft Dynamics, seamlessly.

See the Full Agenda

And if this incredible schedule of Excel and Jet deep dives isn’t enough, there will also be a phenomenal party on Tuesday to celebrate your new found knowledge, featuring casino games, ‘Geeks Who Drink’, and spectacular food!

If you are tired of waiting on reports from your team or dealing with inaccurate numbers and data errors, then register for Excelapalooza today. Get ready to enhance your spreadsheet skills – all while having some fun!

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