Winning with Analytics: The Evolution of Software Solutions for Human Capital Management

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May 2, 2022

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The provisioning of software and services that help companies grow is the end goal of Human Capital Management (HCM) organizations around the world. Software specialists in this space ensure that their clients are in compliance with Human Resources (HR) laws and dispel the need to hire full-time, back-office staff.

The delivery of these specialized services has changed in recent years. Many providers of HCM transmit via the cloud and on a subscription basis. The benefit is that this removes the need for IT overhead or a large capital purchase which ostensibly consumes cash.

Considering what’s at stake, trust is top of mind for HCM solutions providers and their clients. There is a distinct need for a true partnership in the analytics sector, a team that will stand by in support, every step of the way. Leaders of embedded analytics, like insightsoftware’s Logi solutions, serve as advocates for their HCM providers. They partner with their clients to convert ordinary HR functions, like recruitment, payroll, and compensation, into opportunities. Our mission is to make sure that the internal and external needs of its partners are being met. Advanced reporting is the key.

This series will demo model applications for BI spanning business type and industry to illustrate how reporting analytics can yield real business value.

Example Application #3: Innovators In Human Capital Management Beckon to Advanced Analytics

As is the case with many industries, the HCM sector is undergoing an evolution. In this Age of Information, end-users are more knowledgeable and crave knowing that much more. The #1 complaint of customers is that they can’t create reports themselves.

With traditional BI, many development teams share that they cannot meet the needs of their customer base. Or, if they can eventually meet them, it takes a lot of resources and effort.

The solution to this predicament? Self-generated custom reporting.

Businesses are reliant on their partners in analytics. The best ones identify key trends and integrate these innovations with ease. With Logi Report, both internal and external clients can benefit from advanced reporting capabilities that they can manage themselves. insightsoftware’s team of professionals manage these in their thorough evaluation and training:

  • Administration
  • Design
  • Data sources

Because Logi Report is not a standalone 3rd Party product, users can experience the stylistic look and feel of their partner in HCM. Logi Report has both style and security covered.

To embark on your journey to attain the latest and greatest in reporting, see what’s possible with Logi Report. Keep up with key trends and examples of how advanced reporting can propel the business’s evolution.

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