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What Jet Product is Right for Your Business? 

Better decision making has always been the fuel to our fire when building software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics customers. With complete data access and no reporting obstacles in the way, everyone from your management to finance team can focus on innovating and driving strategic aspects of your business.  

On that note, over 14,210 companies rely on Jet every day. That number continues to grow because our reporting, analytics, and budgeting solutions are user-friendly, familiar, and work – plain and simple. Over the years, we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into understanding the reporting and analytics issues that many Dynamics ERP users face and why they exist. From the lack of reporting flexibility to the reliance on developers, it’s quite common to experience delays, tie up resources, and sometimes not even get the information your executives need.   

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Whether you are running your business on Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, 365 Business Central, or 365 Finance & Operations, Jet Global products are specifically designed to fit your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system and solve your most time-consuming and expensive data problems.  

Here is a quick overview of our reporting and analytics products:  

Jet Basics
A free extension included with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP to create basic financial reports inside of Excel. 
Jet Reports
Advanced financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel and on the web.  

Jet Reports Financials
Flexible financial reporting solution directly inside Excel, built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and available in AppSource. 

Jet Analytics
Corporate analytics and reporting platform delivering fast, accurate dashboards and reports in Excel, Power BI, and on the web. 

How to Choose the Best Reporting Solution Based on your Needs? 

When deciding to invest in a third-party reporting and analytics solution, it’s important to consider your current data issues and decide what it is you want to accomplish. You’ve got all the data, but you need to find a better way to see, manage, and share it. Ultimately, you need to start using it to make smarter business decisions.    

At Jet Global, we know that when it comes to reporting and analytics, there’s no one size fits all. Every company has their way of operating and the specific reporting requirements that go with it. That’s why we offer a range of products to fit those needs, with a core set of features fundamental to successful reporting. While each product is catered to meet a different set of reporting and data needs, they all come with real-time financial reporting, and pre-built templates. Both Jet Reports and Jet Analytics add access to all your operational data, multi-company consolidation, and report portability. Analytics exclusively delivers dimensional data modeling, data warehousing, multi-source consolidation and master data management.  

If you are trying to decide between Jet Global products, here are some questions you should ask yourself:  

  • Do you have multiple sources of data outside just Dynamics?
  • Do you need better report management?  
  • Are you looking for a way to automate and schedule reports?  
  • Do your users need more report formatting and design options?  
  • Are you in need of deeper analytics through instant business intelligence and KPIs?  
  • Do you want mobile and web access and integration? 

To help you compare each product and their features that match your needs, we have put together a comparison table of all our reporting and analytics solutions. Take a look at our product comparison table 

Jpc Table

As you can see, we have a product for everyone! If you’re still unsure or would like some help in deciding what is the best fit for your organization, please send us a message or give us a call.  Tell us about your current pains and we’ll have you building the reports and dashboards you need today!

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