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Top 10 Power BI Blogs of 2020

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Top Power BI Blogs

Since its initial release in 2016, Power BI has quickly become the talk of the town in business intelligence and analytics circles, and rightly so! Its data visualizations provide easily digestible insights into your business via robust, interactive dashboards. We’re lovers of all things data, and blogs about Power BI are no exception.

We are proud to announce our first list of Top 10 PBI Blogs for 2020 to help you harness the raw power of Power BI as well as your other BI needs. By no means a comprehensive guide, we look forward to hearing your feedback on what resources you use to get the most out of this robust visualization tool.

Congrats to those who made our list!

Our Top 10 Power BI Blog Recommendations

Blog Why it’s Awesome
The Biccountant The Biccountant organizes its blogs excellently into digestible “problem” and “solution” bites.
Brett Powell’s Data & Analytics Blog We chose Insight Quest last year for one of our top 10 picks, and we stand by our decision. Brett’s page features a user-friendly layout with suggested blogs based on your current tutorial content.
Chris Webb’s BI Blog Chris shares over 1,000 tutorial posts from his decade of Microsoft BI blogging experience. He provides a no-frills approach with written walkthroughs accompanied by visual step-by-steps.
Data Chant (run by Gil Raviv) Data Chant acts not only as a free resource, it also offers custom paid visuals and dashboards that you can use to analyze your data.
Excelerator BI Excelerator BI focuses solely on Power BI and makes finding the right blog post for your learning journey easy with a skill level on each post.
Guy in a Cube Guy in a Cube brings a phenomenal personality to his videos and lays out his weekly blog schedule so you know when to check the blog regularly (Mondays are Power BI day). Adam Saxton and Patrick LeBlanc are Microsoft employees to boot.
Microsoft Power BI Blogs With frequent posts from Microsoft’s own team, you will have a resource for the most up-to-date Microsoft details and tips.
Paul Turley’s SQL Server BI In addition to Paul’s written content, which provides an array of BiI tools that includes Power BI, Turley has addition resources that include presentations and video from conferences and presentations.
Prathy’s Blog Blogging on Power BI and Power Pivot mostly, Prathy also displays an interactive Power BI portfolio.
Victor Rocca’s Blog Victor uses current news to make his blog topics easily digestible and àa la mode. He is a BI consultant with over a decade of experience with the Microsoft BI stack.

List last updated on December 12, 2019

Do you know of a Power BI blog that we missed? We’re already building our list for next year, so please feel free to nominate someone (or yourself!) by contacting us.

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