Top Jet Reports 2015

Top Jet Reports Videos and White Papers of 2015


Most popular white papers of 2015

Comparing BI Solutions White Paper
Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems include powerful BI and reporting capabilities and third-party solutions offer some distinct advantages. Where should you start? Here’s a guide that contains critical questions to ask to ensure you make the right decision for your company.

Data Migration White Paper
This must-read white paper from the Jet Reports business intelligence team explores the latest thinking on how to change your ERP system and still keep your data (and your money, and your sanity).

Top 10 Reporting Best Practices Guide
Whether you’re a spreadsheet expert, or just getting started creating business reports, we created this guide to help simplify your report creation process.

Most Popular videos of 2015

Power BI – Aggregate Data by Time, Using Date Tables in Power BI Desktop
This Power BI tutorial video shows you how to add a table to your Power BI data model and aggregate your data by time for deeper analysis.

Excel Quick Tip- Manipulate the layout of your Pivot Tables with Design Features
Learn how to manipulate and organize Pivot Table data in Excel so you can improve the clarity and usability in your reports.