Directions Na 2017

Top BI Company Secures Gold Sponsorship for High Profile Microsoft Dynamics Event

PORTLAND, Ore. – Jet Reports has become a Gold Sponsor of the upcoming Directions North America conference taking place Sept 17-20, 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

The leading business intelligence and reporting company for Microsoft Dynamics plans to unveil its latest reporting innovation for the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 product at the event, which draws representatives from more than 1,000 partners and resellers from throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Jet Reports president, Joe Little, said their new user-focused tool, which is slated to be the first integrated reporting solution available in Microsoft’s AppSource, is designed to become a cornerstone for securing ongoing profitability for Dynamics resellers at a time when partners are under pressure to transform their business in a cloud-first era.

Microsoft’s product innovations are exciting, but it’s also quite clear that product revenue models are changing.” Little said. “Dynamics partners need to establish an economy of scale with offers that differentiate themselves. We have proven solutions to support that.”

Jet Reports VP of Sales, Jon Oesch, will be conducting partner profitability sessions demonstrating that proven business intelligence and reporting solutions are no longer an add-on, but an expectation of today’s users. Incorporating tools such as Power BI and data consolidation helps establish client repeatability and success with their business enablement platforms.

Jet Reports has been here, growing rapidly, for 15 years and even amongst technology change, we are still the best value proposition for SMB partners to make more money in this market,” Oesch said.

The company has been continually evolving its products in lockstep with Microsoft, thanks to their close partnership and professional relationship. Today more than 11,300 companies around the world use their products, and over 700 Dynamics resellers lean on Jet Reports as the answer to delivering reporting with their ERP solutions.

We have the luxury of being a market leader and having superior knowledge and superior working relationships with Microsoft,” Oesch said. “When Microsoft started promoting the power of business intelligence, we had a BI tool. When they started evangelizing the cloud, we built architecture that allowed us to live in the cloud. We never let the end user or the partner down.”