5 Indicators You Need

Top 5 Indicators You Need In Your Company Overview Dashboard

Executive business intelligence is crucial in today’s fast-paced, data-driven world. But simply implementing a BI solution or platform isn’t going to get you where you need to be. As we pointed out in our previous post, Business Intelligence Software – How to Make Management Dumber Faster, you must have the RIGHT data in front of you to make decisions quickly and confidently.

Working Capital

So now that you understand how you must avoid drowning yourself, and the rest of the executive team, in the wrong data, where do you begin? Here are 5 indicators and their primary metrics that you need to start building your “hero” company overview dashboard.

  1. Profitability Indicators
  • Net Income for Period
  • Gross Margin
  • Profit Margin
  • Return on Assets, annualized
  • Return on Equity, annualized
  • Return on Capital Employed, annualized
  1. Liquidity Indicators
  • Current Ratio
  • Quick Ratio
  • Cash Conversions Cycle
  • Working Capital, days

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  1. Solvency Indicators
  • Interest Cover
  • Debt Ratio
  • Debt to Equity
  • Capitalization Ratio
  1. Operating Performance Ratios
  • Working Capital Turnover
  • Fixed Asset Turnover
  • Total Asset Turnover
  • Operating Expense Ratio
  • Depreciation Expense Ratio
  • Interest Expense Ratio

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  1. Balance Sheet
  • Fixed Assets
  • Current Assets
  • Equity
  • Long Term Liabilities
  • Current Liability

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