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Top 5 Excel Tips & Tricks for Finance Managers- Jet Reports

“You can pry Excel out of my cold, dead hands.” These very words, uttered by our first customer, inspired Jet Reports to come to be.

14 years ago, if you needed finance reports or operational data from NAV (then called Navision), they had to be coded inside the application itself. One CFO challenged that arduous system and Jet Reports was born – changing the reporting game (for what is now Microsoft Dynamics) ever since.  Chances are, if you are in finance, you feel exactly the same way this customer did. Why on earth would I be doing my financial reports in anything but Microsoft Excel?

At Jet Reports, we live that passion and enthusiasm for everything Excel, every day. There is always a bit of exhilaration in learning even one more trick, tip, or shortcut that you didn’t know before.

So in honor of our first customer, we present you with this guide – the Top 5 Excel Tips every finance manager should know. Whether you barely grasp enough functions to get by, or you consider yourself a worksheet wizard, these tips are sure to help you step up your Excel game.