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Top 5 EPM Reporting Templates for 2020

EPM reporting templates may not sound like significant tools, but they’re actually the centerpiece of a refined reporting strategy. Users who rely exclusively on Oracle Hyperion or Oracle PBCS will understand why.

Building reports from the ground up is a lengthy, labor-intensive process that frequently extends out of the finance department and into the IT department. Decision-makers regularly have to wait for performance metrics that they should be tracking on a daily basis. They also have to settle for basic reports instead of customized data assets designed to be as insightful and actionable as possible.

EPM reporting templates offer the perfect solution.

The finance experts behind CXO Software have tailored each template to a specific metric, workflow, or strategic priority. Without requiring any input from IT, these templates fulfill the majority of reporting requirements. And when they don’t, the templates are easily customizable. Customization is so easy, in fact, that real users have created their own templates and submitted them to our catalog for others to access for free.

It’s hard to overstate how much easier reporting becomes with access to purpose-built templates that can be automatically populated with data. Self-service reporting is here and ready for you to try. To get a better sense of what templates can do, consider some of the best examples from 2019:

Sales Performance by Location

Sales by destination graphic.

Though simple on the surface, this Sales Performance by Location template offers a complete picture of sales performance. Sales are broken down by location and product. Users can drill into the data behind any metric for in-depth understanding, or glance at the indicators included along with each metric to quickly see how they’re trending. Changing locations and products is easy, making this report appropriate for any company that wants to learn more about sales performance across locations.

Management Information Dashboard

Management information dashboard.

In the best instances, reports condense massive amounts of information into an accessible and digestible format. This Management Information Dashboard template does exactly that, integrating the most important KPIs and creating a single source of truth for understanding enterprise performance. A smart design combined with straightforward visualizations allow this template to communicate volumes.

KPIs Overview

KPI's overview dashboard.

This KPIs Overview template offers another broad overview of enterprise performance, but from a different perspective. Users pick the three KPIs they need to track most closely. The report displays those metrics in increasing levels of granularity, concluding with dynamic waterfall charts that incorporate drillable tables. With this report, it only takes a second to know whether KPIs are trending up or down, while users also have easy access to all the data concerning what’s driving those trends.

FTE Trend Analysis

FTE trend analysis dashboard.

Like many of the templates available, this FTE Trend Analysis template takes a deep dive into one specific metric. Stakeholders can track the number of full-time employees over a 12-month period, across locations, broken down by demographic, and calculated out by cost, all in one simplified location. Understanding how decisions affect personnel, and vice versa becomes significantly easier once all the salient data are in one place.

Profit and Loss with Trend Analysis

Profit and loss dashboard.

Focusing even more closely, this Profit and Loss with Trend Analysis template allows users to select any account on the P&L statement and get a complete trend analysis comparing actuals, budget, and last year’s data. Users can track the pulse of enterprise performance and instantly access data and analysis that would take extensive amounts of research to collect otherwise.

This list is far from complete, and impressive EPM reporting templates are not all that CXO Software has to offer. If you’re looking for a better approach to reporting specifically and enterprise performance management generally, contact us today.