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Why You Need BI and How It’s Different From Reporting – Jet Reports

Still debating whether your reporting or analytics needs justify investing in a business intelligence (BI) solution?

The cold reality is if you are an organization that collects data, you should begin investing in a BI solution now. BI is not a passing tech fad, its impact on the business environment and competitive marketplace is growing exponentially. In addition, the complexity of business data is multiplying.

As companies look to analyze data from new sources as part of their calculated and strategic decision-making, it is very easy to get lost in the analytical process because it can be long and tedious if it isn’t properly organized or developed. BI solves this problem.

It is possible for small to medium sized businesses to deploy BI to fulfill different needs, drive performance, prepare for the future, and capitalize on trends and opportunities not otherwise identifiable – all without the need of an expensive analytic program, IT teams or consultants, and/or a data center. Unfortunately, many companies in the SMB space are still hesitant to put BI into practice because they are not clear about the benefits of using it and are, rightfully, afraid of failed implementations.

However, when BI is properly set-up and built to work with your Microsoft Dynamics solution immediately, you gain a clear advantage to fuel profitable change right away, and eliminate the risk and costs associated with traditional BI methods.

There comes a time for every growing business when reporting alone can’t provide the deeper insight needed to make decisions that build a better future and that time is now. Discover examples that real businesses experience when they moved from reporting to business intelligence and how you can make your BI transition fast and easy, with our whitepaper “From Reporting to Analytics: 5 Eye-Opening Examples of How Business Intelligence Fuels Profitable Change.”