The Three Pillars of FPM

Looks can be deceiving. What kind of risk is your company taking when it makes decisions based on old data? Traditional financial performance management (FPM) software typically separates your data from your ERP, which leaves you with a multitude of problems that can include anything from outdated and obsolete data to integrity issues.

Face it, companies need a solution that gives actionable information, in real-time, without disconnecting from their ERP if they want to make better business decisions. They need a Financial Performance Management (FPM) solution that can crush it without all the typical compromises. Such a solution would include these three key pillars:

FPM Pillar #1

Imagine the world where everyone runs their own reports, answers their own questions, leaves the IT department alone to focus on strategy, and does this all from one reporting system that easily integrates with your current ERP platform.

There is such a world, and you’re invited to experience it. The Hubble platform has a reporting module that allows users to create reports in minutes, run them in seconds, and most importantly, enables instant access for everyone across the company. What more could you want? (Or perhaps the better question is: What more could IT want?)

FPM Pillar #2

Planning junkies, get ready. An ingenious and streamlined approach to financial planning has entered the screen scene.

Before the days of Hubble planning software, the planning method for big companies inevitably involved weeks (or more realistically, months), an umpteen number of employees, and an endless count of spreadsheets. And let’s not overlook the monotonous challenge in retrieving the data, the abundance of static spreadsheet errors, and the loss of a real-time reality. Sound a bit familiar? Have we struck a chord? Well, get ready to do what you love the way it should be done through a single source that connects you directly to your actuals in real-time.

FPM Pillar #3

Decision-making executives need numbers. Not just any numbers: accurate and real-time numbers.

Here in the clutch of high-performing organizations, decisions are based on endless amounts of data. And all too often, executives find themselves lost among multiple dashboards, visuals, and multi-data sources that leave them trolling for information for days. But you need to see what your actual figures are right now, not what they were days ago. Hubble makes it fun to look, but more importantly, it delivers a solution that allows you to make sound business decisions based on reliable, real-time numbers.

Hubble’s financial performance management solution is a continent of resourcefulness that encompasses all three pillars and solves big business information problems in one sphere. With real-time visibility and integrated reporting, planning, and analytics, Hubble helps you create a comprehensive picture of your business and its future. Bring on continuous forecasting! When you can take charge of your systems, you can transform your business.

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Read more about the Hubble Financial Performance Management solution or download our What is Financial Performance Management ebook for the full picture.