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Your Guide to Summit 2018: NAVUG, AXUG, GPUG – Sessions, Giveaways, Where the Drinks are at, and More!

One of the most valuable events for the Microsoft Dynamics community is finally upon us! The 2018 Dynamics User Group Summit is happening in Phoenix, AZ from October 15th – 18th. That means three full days of the best education and informative training for NAV, AX, GP, CRM, and Dynamics 365 users!

As a Platinum Sponsor, Jet Reports is excited to be offering a ton of instructive sessions on how to get additional value from your Dynamics solution, improve productivity, and maximize data access. Our sessions include everything from Excel and GDPR to advanced financials and advanced data visualization – as well as a major product announcement that you don’t want to miss!

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We have outlined the complete list of these valuable Summit sessions below, with details, times, and links to add them to your conference agenda. Most importantly, make sure you join us at BOOTH #823 – the center of ALL the action. Meet the team, get some Jet swag, refuel during the event (your phone that is – at our ever popular charging station) and enter your name for an awesome giveaway! If you can’t find us, we are right next to our partner, Microsoft, and positioned in strategically close proximity to the best bar the expo receptions will offer (mainly because our smiling faces will be there).

And here is the big conference planning bonus you’ve been waiting for: we have your gateway to the best parties! First, with extra drink tickets hidden away at our booth – Jet is going to be ‘the spot’ during tradeshow receptions (in case you needed yet another reason to come say hello). Then, take it outside the expo hall and join us on Tuesday night, October 16th, for the PowerGP Party at The Park Bar!

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Here is the full list of our sessions, organized by the Summit show (NAVUG, AXUG, GPUG, etc.). Keep scrolling for dates, descriptions, speaker info and easy links to see more details, share it on Twitter, or add it to your conference agenda.



October 16Excelapalooza – Get Ready for Some Excel!

October 16GDPR Five Months On

October 17Hot Topic: What GDPR Means for Your Sales and Customer Service Teams

October 17You are Now Free to Move About Dynamics

October 17Hands on Lab: Advanced Data Visualization in Power BI

GPUG Summit

October 16Getting Started with Jet Express for GP

October 16Power BI: What you Need to Know

October 17Advanced Financials with Jet Express for GP

October 17You are Now Free to Move About Dynamics

October 17Hands on Lab: Advanced Data Visualization in Power BI

AXUG/D365 Summit

October 17Prove the Moves: Financials Audit Trails for AX and D365

Jet Reports Session Details:

Excelapalooza – Get Ready for Some Excel!

Presented by Tara Grant

This fast-paced session covers the most useful functions, formulas, and tips you need to build organized workbooks. From conditional formatting, date functions, and VLOOKUP, to building payment calculators, learning the magic of Flash Fill, and more. This presentation is for any Excel novice or enthusiast looking to take their spreadsheet skills to the next level.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to use and apply the most valuable Excel functions for organized, professional workbooks
  • Gain valuable tips to create more powerful spreadsheets
  • Take novice, basic Excel skills up a level

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Tuesday, October 16 – 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

GDPR Five Months On

Presented by Tara Grant and Louis van Roessel (Sana Commerce)

It’s been five months since GDPR went to effect, how is your company doing? Do you have the right processes in place for managing requests and reporting? Have you checked? What does your ongoing training look like? Are you still adapting to the new regulations? Let’s review what you should have in place for monitoring and reporting compliance, cleanup and data management, and working with your global stakeholders, both internally and externally, to make sure you’re good to go.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding what privacy regulations are in the scope of GDPR and what it requires for up-front and ongoing compliance
  • How GDPR impacts your business across multiple departments and areas of operation
  • Tips and resources for ensuring GDPR is properly communicated throughout your teams and managing compliance longer term

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Tuesday, October 16 – 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM

Hot Topic: What GDPR Means for Your Sales and Customer Service Teams

Presented by Tara Grant and Louis van Roessel (Sana Commerce)

It’s not too late to adapt for GDPR, but this sweeping set of strict privacy regulations that went into effect in May cannot be ignored. Besides the impact on your IT department’s data strategy and management, equipping your customer-facing teams with the right understanding and processes for supporting compliance is a must. In this interactive session you’ll get an overview of the impact of the GDPR, and how those are put into practice across the various departments. We’ll cover tips on implementing compliance, include some ‘gotcha’ areas, dive into real-world examples, and discuss as a group changes that are needed.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding what GDPR entails and how it impacts your business operations across multiple departments
  • How to avoid the risks of non-compliance, what those impacts are, and the best next steps to avoid the severe penalties that can put your organization in jeopardy
  • Tips and resources for a comprehensive and easier implementation of GDPR regulations

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Wednesday, October 17 – 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

You are Now Free to Move About Dynamics [NEW PRODUCT]

Presented by Tony Bonaduce

Finance and IT departments get along until tools create backlogs and friction. With the NEWEST product from Jet, you ease those tensions. Change how you see and manage your business processes, achieve company synthesis, and learn how to fly from NAV to D365BC, and beyond! With report portability, automated spreadsheets, controlled workflows, and uninterrupted access to all your data, Jet clears the path for success. Join this can’t miss session for executives, finance, and IT.

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Wednesday, October 17 – 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Hands on Lab: Advanced Data Visualization in Power BI

Presented by Brian Petersen

You probably already have seen the fantastic data visualizations Power BI provides. But pretty ain’t what your executive team needs to analyze trends and make good decisions! If you’ve ever developed a great report and your CFO has said “eh”, we’ll help you understand the art and science of how to design, prototype, and package data in the best way so the underlying information is readily understood. In our Hands on Lab, we provide the laptop and Dynamics software so you can practice your learnings in real-time. Space is limited so make sure to arrive early.

A very special thank you to Innovia Consulting for providing the Hands on Lab environments!

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Wednesday, October 17 – 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM

Getting Started with Jet Express for GP

Presented by Mike Hoffman

Jet Express for Excel was built in partnership with Microsoft to deliver flexible reporting foundations out-of-the-box and seamlessly update and transfer to new versions of GP. This session will help you understand how to get it up and running and show you how to build your financial statements directly in Excel; including balance sheets, cash flow reports, and income statements. See how easy it is to create several reports using time saving tips and tricks that will make the process easy to start, build and to maintain.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to find, download and install Jet Express, built in collaboration with Microsoft and included with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Learn how to build reports in Excel from scratch, including a YTD Variance statement and Customer Credit Limit query
  • See how to get started quickly by downloading and modifying pre-built report templates

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Tuesday, October 16 – 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Power BI: What you Need to Know

Presented by Tony Bonaduce

Take a deep-dive into Microsoft’s Power BI to learn how you can quickly use it to create robust visualizations from Microsoft Dynamics GP data. We will cover everything from creating dashboards, to explaining the various ways you can organize your data. This includes a discussion about data warehousing, which can enable you to actually deploy Power BI and empower users to get what they need without the technical requirements of content packs or data models. Expectations around this tool are that it’s plug-and-play from day one – you’ll walk away from this session knowing how to make that a reality.

Learning Objectives

  • Know what it takes, and what you need, to truly make Power BI plug-and-play
  • Know how to create reports and dashboards in Power BI from Day 1
  • Understand the fundamentals of business intelligence and why they are crucial to success with Power BI

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Tuesday, October 16 – 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM

Advanced Financials with Jet Express for GP

Presented by Gabriele Hayden

Take your Jet Express financial reporting to a higher altitude in this advanced training session for the Excel integrated solution included with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Deep-dive into the report building process and learn how to build consolidated income statements and balance sheets, with account segment filters, from scratch. Learn how to use filter syntax, get best practices for making your Jet Express reporting faster and easier, and meet other Jet Express uses to get tips.

Learning Objectives

  • Know how to better use the functions of Jet Express for more robust and dynamic Excel integrated financial statements from GP
  • Learn valuable advanced filter capabilities and features of Jet Express to further customize reports
  • Become more fluent with the capabilities of the new reporting solution included with Dynamics GP

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Wednesday, October 17 – 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Prove the Moves: Financials Audit Trails for AX and D365

Presented by Ron Summers and Peter Jennings

Control your data to reduce risks. Join this session to learn how to put together some of the more complex audit trails for financial reporting in Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365. See how to trace back from the GL posting, to posting detail, to actual source transactions. We will review the different options for building audit links and reporting on them as we cover both report level and data level construction of the audit trail. Examples will include project and services postings for both expense and inventory accounts, AR applications audits, and manufacturing costs capture so you can apply your new recording skills to all areas of your operation.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to trail back financial postings through detail posting data and originating operational transactions
  • Review an actual case study example for expense and inventory audits related to a mix of projects, services & purchasing transactions
  • Understand the different options for report level construction of the audit trail, or data level construction of the audit trail

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Wednesday, October 17 – 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM


Remember to add your session(s) of choice to your conference calendar to give you a head start – the rooms tend to fill up fast! For more information about our sessions and training, please contact our team directly.

Dynamics User Group Summit is a collaboration of events for each Microsoft Dynamics platform that happens at the same time, under one roof. For the full conference agenda and session listing for each show, click below.

GPUG Summit
AXUG/D365UG Summit
CRMUG Summit

See you in Phoenix!