Shave Time, Not Your Face

Now that it’s November, there’s a noticeably larger number of men sporting facial hair. No, it’s not just to protect vulnerable faces from the cold (though that is a nice perk!). Chances are if you see a gent becoming increasingly woolier this month, he’s participating in No-Shave November.

Since 2009, the No-Shave November charity has raised money for cancer awareness by asking participants to put down their razors and let their hair—which many cancer patients lose—grow wild, donating the money typically spent on shaving and grooming instead toward cancer prevention.

By now you’re probably wondering what that has to do with financial reporting.

Well, we’re glad you asked.

We Mustache You a Question

While you’re not shaving your face, one thing we’re pretty sure you do want to shave is time. Time off your reporting, that is!

How many hours do you spend on reporting tasks each month? Is it only hours? Or does your total slip more into the “days” or “weeks” category?

Both of our reporting platforms, Spreadsheet Server and Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics, are designed to link directly to any ERP or other data sources and pull real-time data into Excel to create the exact reports you need. What does that mean? That means you’re bypassing longer, more complicated reporting processes that involve multiple data downloads, additional overhead, and manual manipulation of data. That means reports can be automated and refreshed at the click of a button, whether it’s for a new month or due to updated data in your current month. That means all your reporting is created in a program you’re already comfortable navigating: Excel. All that means—you guessed it—faster, more secure reporting processes and oodles of time shaved.

Exactly How Much Time Can I Shave?

How much is an “oodle,” you may ask? Quite a lot! Of surveyed Spreadsheet Server users, 65 percent have saved between 50 and 300 hours in one year on their reporting processes, and nearly a quarter have saved more than 300 hours! Atlas users have similar outcomes, with more than half saving 50 to 300 hours, and 23 percent saving more than 300 hours.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

Departmental report delivery used to take 4 days to run, compile, and distribute. With Spreadsheet Server, it runs overnight.” – Lululemon Athletica

“Spreadsheet Server is everything we hoped it would be and more. Something that used to take a couple of hours now literally takes less than 15 minutes.” – Mountaire Corporation

“Atlas quickly feeds data to Excel, allowing an almost instant view of inventory versus demand. Saved time can be used for more thorough analysis.” – Norma UK

“With Atlas, the workload on finance was greatly reduced as the reporting became faster and more timely. Users are also able to generate BVA reports for their projects and take the necessary actions.” – Islamic Relief – Mali

Ready to Shave?

Whether you’re shaving or not this November, we support you in all your do-gooding. And if you’re looking to shave some time, let us know. We’ll help you cut through the hairy details.