Peoplesoft Reporting

Save Time and Reduce Errors in Your PeopleSoft Reporting

Financial reporting requires a significant amount of time, attention, and input to prepare reports that offer valuable analysis and deep insight into enterprise performance. Therefore, it’s easy to assume that reporting is always going to be difficult, consuming more time than companies would like and creating copious data errors along the way. Inefficiency seems inevitable.

It’s not.

Rather, these issues are evidence of a financial reporting process that’s producing untrustworthy information and eating extra time along the way. Companies that rely on PeopleSoft reporting often understand this situation firsthand. The highly-technical reporting tools require extensive assistance from IT (which slows the process down) and manual data manipulation (which invites human errors).

But don’t make the mistake of assuming that these are inevitable costs of quality reporting. Instead, start thinking of them as issues that can be addressed.

The team at insightsoftware is reinventing financial and operational reporting for PeopleSoft users. Our solution, Spreadsheet Server, is tailor-made to address the challenges of PeopleSoft reporting, empowering users to optimize how they analyze and utilize data. By saving time and reducing errors, Spreadsheet Server gives decision makers the insights they need more quickly than ever before.

A Whole New Approach to Reporting

Spreadsheet Server moves PeopleSoft financial reporting out of the technical ERP environment and into the familiar space of Excel. PeopleSoft data automatically upload into dozens of pre-built templates designed to track the most important metrics and processes related to enterprise performance.

Users also can also build their own reporting templates to highlight whatever data they want. Best of all, because Spreadsheet Server is an Excel-based reporting solution, creating new and custom reports is intuitive enough that users don’t need help from the IT team. Instead of having to wait for reports, they’re available on demand.

Speed isn’t all that Spreadsheet Server has to offer. It gives users broader, deeper, and better perspectives into data as well. Since most of the data management is automated, human errors are less likely, and reports are more trustworthy.

And since Spreadsheet Servier integrates PeopleSoft data with other databases, it’s possible to report on all aspects of enterprise performance. The reports themselves even have drill-down capabilities that show users the data behind each metric.

Peoplesoft Reporting

Too many companies assume reporting is supposed to be an obstacle, but Spreadsheet Server proves it can be an asset.

Taking Full Advantage of Better Data

Once a company’s reporting improves, the benefits tend to ripple outward. Generating reports is far less frustrating. More importantly, decision-makers have a clear and complete understanding of enterprise performance to reference when making important choices and building strategic plans.

Great reports are the antidote to uncertainty and assumptions, empowering companies to act in their own best interests consistently and confidently.

If you rely on PeopleSoft’s native financial reporting, it’s time to demand something better. Spreadsheet Server offers a complete solution in an accessible package. Instead of making do, contact insightsoftware.