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Powerful SAP Reporting Doesn’t Require Heavy IT Department Involvement

Businesses that rely on SAP reporting to track their key performance indicators also typically rely on their IT department to facilitate initial report creation. Creating reports inside the SAP ecosystem involves the careful collection and integration of data in ways that only IT knows how to connect. It may seem absolutely necessary that tech professionals be required for a complex, data-driven process like reporting. However, involving IT in reporting can actually be a liability, and it’s bigger than most people realize.

Consider that SAP reporting is the responsibility of the accounting/finance team. Since the reporting process is too technical for most accountants to handle independently, they have to rely on IT, which means they are left waiting for the help they need. It’s an inefficient process that instead should be quick and agile.

Things aren’t any better for the IT department. Handling the technical aspects of reporting is a time- and labor-intensive task they have to add to their many other responsibilities, which can leave them stretched thin.

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Relying exclusively on the capabilities of SAP makes reduced dependence on IT difficult, and perhaps impossible. With a dedicated reporting tool, however, performance indicators become accessible to everyone.

Solutions from insightsoftware like Spreadsheet Server, CXO Software, and Wands each upgrade reporting in unique ways. One quality they share, however, is that they make reporting easy enough that the IT department is off the hook. Consider some of the ways that solutions from insightsoftware make powerful SAP reporting simple enough to be self-service:

  • Automatic Data Integration – Currently, the finance team will define the information it needs to report on and then the IT team will collect it. With insightsoftware solutions, automation handles the data collection so that no one has to go looking for it. Information from inside and outside the SAP ecosystem integrates into one place, creating a single source of truth for the purposes of reporting.
  • Extensive Reporting Templates – With native SAP financial reporting, the IT department is heavily involved with building and customizing reports. Report templates like the ones created by insightsoftware make it effortless to track key indicators and critical processes. In many cases, the data in these templates can update automatically without needing input from the IT department or the finance department.
  • Intuitive Reporting Creation – When users need to report on something not included in an existing template, building one from scratch does not take technical expertise or specialized skills. Reporting tools from insightsoftware are designed to be intuitive enough for users to find, integrate, and model the data they need entirely on their own. Think of it as having insights on demand.
  • Rich Data Modeling – SAP financial reporting capabilities are fairly basic, even with lots of input from IT. Using different tools to handle the data makes it easier to create fundamentally better reports. They’re better because they’re enhanced with sophisticated visualizations that illustrate insights from new perspectives, as well as drill-down capabilities that uncover the figures behind the metrics. Reports become more dynamic, insightful, and actionable even when they haven’t been touched by the IT department.

Self-service reporting is better for accountants, better for tech professionals, and better for the decision-makers using reports to guide the company. It’s a win for all, but it depends on having the right reporting tool working on top of SAP. The team at insightsoftware has three distinct options for you to explore. Contact us for more information.