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Performance Improvements in the Jet 20.3 Release

We’re over halfway through the year and you know what that means? It’s time for a new Jet Release! So, let’s get you up to speed on what you can expect to see when you update your Jet products to version 20.3 this August.

In an effort to continuously evolve our reporting, business intelligence, and budgeting solutions, we always have our ear to the ground listening to customer feedback. Earlier this year we rolled out Microsoft Word integration, a redesigned browser, and new data integrations, which was well-received. This release, however, focuses more on performance improvements, data sources, and expanded, easier access to our products.

Jet Budgets Available to the Masses

The Jet 20.3 release opens the door to controlled, expedited, and streamlined fiscal planning for organization that are not running their businesses on Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP. That means anyone can use Jet Budgets! When creating a budget, you will be able to copy/paste in GL accounts and dimensions (if applicable) and build a budget based on those values.

Watch: Jet Budget Updates

Excel Add-In Performance Increases

By leveraging newer technologies in Excel, we are able to push out performance increases in the Jet Excel Add-In. You will notice this especially for longer running reports. This improvement will benefit all data sources but should see the most improvement for web service data sources, including Dynamics 365 Business Central (Public Cloud) and Dynamics NAV web services.

Better Access to Jet Hub

Previously, we required that customers use AD/AAD to leverage Jet Hub. In Jet 20.3, we are adding support for “Basic Users” in Jet Hub, so you can bypass this step. This means you can now create simple users in Jet Hub (i.e. username, full name, password) and they can login without being an AD/AAD user.

If you remember from the last release, we added support for the most commonly used data sources to be added directly in Jet Hub – instead of requiring the Jet Administration Console. With Jet 20.3, we now support adding all data sources directly from Jet Hub!

Watch: New Jet Hub User Set Up
Watch: Improved Data Source Management in the Jet Hub
Watch: Data Source Permission in the Jet Hub

Jet Scheduler Rebuild – Phase 1

There are some big things happening with the Jet Scheduler. In the Jet 20.3 Release, we will be launching the first part of our Jet Scheduler rebuild. This rebuild includes a complete overhaul of the feature, where we will be updating the user interface, as well as making several user experience improvements. When you upgrade your Jet solution to version 20.3, you will see that the Jet Task List has been updated. This is the first step of many improvements to come.

Watch: Jet Scheduler Improvements

Jet 20.3 is available for download now and more information about the 20.3 release can be found in Jet Help Center.


If you have any questions about the updates to a specific product in the Jet 20.3 release, please reach out to our support team. You can also sign up for a demo of Jet Budgets if you’re ready to add streamlined, controlled fiscal planning to your integrated Jet solutions.

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