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Oracle Discoverer is Unsupported. What Comes Next?

As a heavyweight in the world on enterprise software, Oracle makes a lot of companies scramble whenever it decides to stop supporting one of its core products. Such is the case with Discoverer, one of the primary reporting tools in the Oracle ecosystem.

Support for Discoverer was scaled back in 2015 and suspended entirely in the middle of 2017. At that point, some users elected to upgrade to the official replacement, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), but others balked at the high-cost and decided to continue with Discoverer unsupported. Sticking with the status quo was an adequate short-term strategy, but many of these holdouts now acknowledge that it’s time to find a proper Discoverer replacement. What comes next? Follow these three steps to find out.

Step 1: Define Your Requirements

You can’t identify the right replacement without knowing what you need first. Begin by considering the pain points of using Discoverer. If reporting proved to be a time- and labor-intensive process, take some time to understand why, that way the replacement is an actual upgrade. It’s also important to consider your business objectives, both inside and outside finance. What do your reports need to include to improve enterprise performance management? Finally, talk to stakeholders in finance, IT, and the C-suite about what the ideal reporting process looks like to both producers and consumers. Rely on all these sources to develop a detailed list of requirements for your next reporting tool.

Finance report.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Options

The enterprise software market is full of reporting tools, but not all of them offer the upgrade you’re looking for. First and foremost, seek out solutions with the tools and features you’re looking for, but don’t make this the entirety of your evaluation. You will also want to consider factors like cost, vendor reputation, implementation requirements, user-friendliness, and training requirements. Identifying the right vendor is a complicated equation that depends on balancing various priorities: lowering IT costs, speeding up reporting, minimizing IT input, integrating more data, etc. It costs much more to implement the wrong software than it costs to delay finding a replacement, so don’t hesitate to spend as much time as necessary evaluating.

Step 3: Make the Final Selection

Once you eliminate all but a few candidates, schedule consultations or software demos. Don’t hesitate to provide the vendors with specific reporting requirements and actual financial data. The best vendors will customize their demonstration to give you a hands-on feel for how the product adapts to your actual reporting workflows. As part of the demo, try to learn as much about the vendor as the product itself. After all, you’re looking for a new reporting tool because your old one is now unsupported. Whoever you choose as your new vendor should be eager to go above and beyond Oracle.

Since Discoverer was discontinued, many former users have migrated to solutions from insightsoftware. Our suite of financial reporting tools gives you multiple replacements to choose from, all offering a clear upgrade in an accessible format. What comes next is an opportunity to upgrade your reporting and your enterprise performance management in the process. Discoverer how our solutions elevate actual companies: Read our case studies.