Next Gen Of Analytics

Next Generation of Analytics

Huge amounts of data are being generated every second of every day. What organizations do with that data can, and will, determine their success. Corporate analytics provides robust structures and processes. Self-service analytics, like Microsoft’s Power BI, empowers users to freely explore concepts, ideas and patterns. If the end goal is to get the correct data to decision makers to identify business opportunities, maximize success, profit, and grow – which analytics model is better?

In our latest white paper, we’re digging in to both corporate and self-service analytics, what they are and exploring the pros and cons of each. We will also introduce a third model, that we like to call End-User Analytics, that combines the best of the two traditional models, offering a hybrid that empowers users to freely explore data in a controlled, governed environment.

It’s time to start putting your data to work for you and your company. Download this white paper today!

Corporate vs. Self-Serve Analytics: Which One is Better? (182 downloads)