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Why You Need BI and a Data Warehouse for Your Dynamics ERP Upgrade

ERP upgrades, especially with major solutions like Microsoft Dynamics, present a number of opportunities and challenges. While a successful ERP upgrade helps your organization streamline workflow and cut costs, a poorly planned and implemented ERP rollout can set you back in terms of costs, lost productivity, and delays.

Similar to cars and televisions, upgrades are supposed to be exciting and enjoyable. But sometimes there are risk factors and components involved which makes companies tend to avoid upgrades altogether. Everything from user adoption, customizations, report conversions, data migration, and testing- all for a system you already have… Albeit a shinier, better performing, and more efficient version of it.

Avoid the Potential Pitfalls of an ERP Upgrade

BI, data, and analytics are, in many ways, the key components behind a successful ERP implementation and upgrade. You can nearly triple the benefit of your upgrade, while alleviating much of the risk, by leveraging a business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse platform built specifically for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Increase Your Benefit

Did you know both data migration and report conversion is cumulatively almost always the highest cost and time factor in ERP implementations and upgrades? By leveraging a reporting and analytics solution that includes a data warehouse developed for Microsoft Dynamics, you not only eliminate the need for reports to be coded and redeveloped with every Dynamics version upgrade, you also remove the requirement to migrate all your transactional data to the new system! All because it’s stored for you in a more structural, organized way for reporting.

The good news is the investment of a BI solution and data warehouse is often covered by the time/cost savings on the upgrade project because you use it for transactional data migration, and you increase the productivity of your Dynamics investment by gaining fast, accurate analysis for everyone who needs it! Better yet, the return continues as you move through subsequent upgrades down the road.

Now you can have the Ferrari of Dynamics ERP solutions, with the insight to grow your business and increase user productivity with the information they need.

To learn more about how to reduce the time and costs of your ERP upgrade, read our full whitepaper about implementing a data warehouse during an ERP upgrade.