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Microsoft Dynamics Financial Reports in Less than 2.5 Minutes

Did you know that the recent release of Jet Reports 2018 – an update included with your AEP plan, brought you the ability to build financial reports from Dynamics NAV even quicker and easier with Fast Financials? Our short tutorial video will show you how you can create a financial statement in less than 3 minutes!


Upgrade to Jet Reports 2018 today!

And if you are using Dynamics GP, or looking for more custom financial report layouts, Jet Reports has a blazing fast answer for that too. Watch our how-to videos on the GL function

Dynamics GP GL
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 Dynamics NAV GL
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Get to Know the Jet Team

Loren Guerriero
Lead User Experience Researcher

What I do: Ensure that Jet Reports builds software for real people by inviting users to participate in the design process. We meet with members of our community regularly to identify problems to solve and also to evaluate our solutions. If you want to influence the direction of the product, a great way to start is by sharing your ideas.

Length of Time at Jet: 1 Year

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in the outdoors before, as well as in a clown house.

Favorite Jet Function: The Scheduler! It provides powerful ways to automate reporting workflows, saving us all from boring, repetitive tasks.