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Microsoft Africa and B2M-IT Event Showcase How to Boost Your Business with Power BI and Jet Enterprise

The following article was translated from its original positing on Seneweb News.

On March 8th, 2017, B2M IT and Microsoft Africa organized a conference attended by Senegalese managers around the theme: “Boost your business with Dynamics NAV and Power BI.”

As part of the digital transformation process of Senegalese companies, this conference was an excellent opportunity for subject matter experts (SMEs) and large Senegalese accounts to discover the astounding benefits of using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Jet Reports, and Microsoft Power BI software suite.

Participants were provided the opportunity to learn how to set-up agile management systems, eliminate double entries, and integrate different departments. They learned how they could cover purchasing and inventory management, accounting and financial management, asset and cash management, sales management and production management — all on the same platform— to ensure improved collaboration between various stakeholders.  This not only improves service provided to clients, but also helps in reducing day-to-day management tasks.

Attendees of the event discovered how the software suite enabled them to improve control of their departments with an enhanced ability to better organize work with real-time visibility of all business units. Furthermore, B2M experts revealed how the suite helps managers make better decisions by using the ability to propose quantities of raw material to be ordered according to forecast sales plans, seasonality, sales history, production capacity, and market requirements as an example.

The day concluded with a portion dedicated to a demonstration of Power BI. Attendees learned how to easily provide real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) with a business dashboard that summarizes the information you want, in an easy to digest format— from Jet Reports.

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