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Jet Reports Shifts to Self-Paced Online Training, Saving Clients Time and Money

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Jet Reports has extended its Microsoft Dynamics ERP client training model to a modern, self-paced, eLearning platform that’s accessible wherever and whenever clients require.

“We have over 137,000 people who use our software and now, with more people moving to our subscription model, the budget to do instructor-led onsite training was not very realistic,” said Brian Petersen, Jet Reports Vice President of Customer Engagement.

Jet Reports users operate throughout the US, but they’re also in Dubai, Sydney and Warsaw – to name a few, Petersen said, and that brings challenges.

“More and more we’re being asked for self-guided training that can help their workforce, where people may be working in four different locations across various time zones,” Petersen said. “It costs thousands of dollars to fly people to training sessions – now they don’t have to.”

Accounting and financial reporting software isn’t like figuring out Angry Birds. Errors can influence projection figures, cause bad decisions based on inaccurate data, and more. In other words, training shouldn’t be considered optional. Customers want to know their employees are experiencing success quickly.

“We live in an app-centric world where user experience and user interface is crucial to success,” he said. “This mindset is bleeding over to business as well, where people are saying they shouldn’t have to spend a week to learn something.”

Within a six-month window, Petersen located a simple secure eLearning platform, and then worked with Sarah Kloser, Customer Success Manager, to modify and adapt the Jet Reports onsite training materials into a new model.

Each course contains 20-30 modules and uses a variety of techniques including VM (virtual machine) learning, video, questionnaires, reading materials, exercises and quizzes to get the job done. Students can log in from any device – on or offsite – and track their progress. If students get stuck or have additional questions, the support team is always available.

“We want people to get their hands dirty and experience instant success,” Kloser said. “Our main goal is to give people easy access to information whenever they want it.”

Jet Reports eLearning went live in mid-April. By May, more than 120 people had registered and taken 1,893 lectures.

“People like the fact that it’s comprehensive and they can access the information any time in little increments,” Kloser said. “We want our products to be as easy as possible, and as self-serve as possible. ELearning delivers that full spectrum.”

The company currently has two courses available, with plans to have five courses and 1,000 people trained by the end of the year.

About Jet Reports
Jet Reports delivers unparalleled access to data through fast and flexible reporting and business analytics solutions that are cost effective, provide rapid time-to-value, and are built specifically for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP users. Founded in 2002, Jet Reports is headquartered in Portland, OR, and has distribution offices in 14 countries around the globe. Over 11,300 companies in 94 countries, rely on Jet Reports every day for their financial reporting.

Learn more about Jet Reports at: https://insightsoftware.com