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Jet Reports Reveals its Analytics Strength with Microsoft Power BI at UK Event

“When it comes to reporting, Jet Enterprise is the ‘no brainer’ option,” said Ian Humphries, Managing and Product Director of The NAV People which is hosting two events in the UK this month featuring Jet Enterprise.

Jet Enterprise will be presented at the company’s Season of Knowledge events, where participants learn how to extract relevant and useful corporate business analytics using Jet Enterprise in conjunction with the visual dashboard capabilities of Microsoft Power BI.

“Jet Enterprise is the default Microsoft Dynamics NAV reporting tool for end-users and IT professionals alike,” said Humphries, in explaining why they selected Jet Enterprise for these important demonstrations. “For those with larger business intelligence requirements, Jet Enterprise provides flexibility and ease of use and is the perfect data source for Power BI.”

Among those taking part in the event will be manufacturers in a variety of industries including pumps, children’s toys, food suppliers, along with retailers of home furnishing, fashion and beauty products, as well as restaurant chains.

Brian Petersen, Director of Business Intelligence for Jet Reports, said the detailed information revealed through Jet Enterprise provides businesses with the knowledge set to make significant and strategic changes to their operations, paving the way for economic growth while reducing risk or uncertainty.

“Customers that combine Microsoft Power BI with Jet Enterprise have seen tremendous success in terms of the information revealed and the time saved in creating the reports,” he said.

“We are very pleased to have been invited to take part in this event and to work with one of Microsoft’s top NAV partners on the globe,” Petersen said. “They’ve proven their expertise and ability to identify what business needs today to stay ahead – and the ability to mine data to reveal useful, targeted information is a critical part of that journey.”

For more information on the upcoming Seasons of Knowledge events, please follow the links below:
Manchester – April 19
Newbury – April 20

About The NAV People
The NAV People started trading in the UK in 2009 and are now the country’s no.1 reseller that is solely concentrated on Microsoft Dynamics NAV with operations in three locations throughout the UK, plus a corporate US office.

About Jet Reports
Jet Reports delivers unparalleled access to data through fast and flexible reporting and business analytics solutions that are cost effective, provide rapid time-to-value, and are built specifically for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP users. Founded in 2002, Jet Reports is headquartered in Portland, OR, and has distribution offices in 14 countries around the globe. Over 10,000 companies in 94 countries, rely on Jet Reports every day for their financial reporting.

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