Is Changing General Ledgers an Unpleasant Experience?

Sometimes, changing general ledgers can be an unpleasant experience.

The first thing you have to do is to convert all of your data over to the new system. That means you have to extract all of your balances and transactions into files and have them uploaded into the new system. If your chart of accounts is different, you will have to come up with a conversion program to change all the old accounts to the new accounts.

The worst part is that once all is that once the data conversion is done, you will have to rewrite all of your reports with a new report writer. That could take weeks, or even months to complete.

Save Time with Spreadsheet Server

With Spreadsheet Server, changing general ledger can actually be quite seamless. Spreadsheet Server is a Microsoft Excel add-in that gives your existing spreadsheets direct access to an unlimited number of data sources within the same spreadsheet.

You simply update your existing spreadsheets with Spreadsheet Server Excel-based functions to report against your “live” data using your existing chart of accounts. Once done, you add another set of columns using the new chart of accounts and point them to the new general ledger. Once your data conversion takes place, your new numbers will line up side-by-side the old numbers. You can then start ticking and tracing all the numbers and can actually drill into each system for journal entries, invoices, sales tickets, etc. Once you are done with the old general ledger, you delete the old columns and move forward with the new data.

The process is quick and easy and there are no messy report writers that you have to learn.

So, sit back and enjoy the new general ledger with Spreadsheet Server!