Implementing Bi

Implementing Business Intelligence

Implementing a Business Intelligence environment against data you don’t trust? Sounds counter-intuitive, some would say: ‘just plain wrong.’ How could you possibly build a Data Warehouse and cubes on data that might not be accurate? You shouldn’t of course, and that is the point. Accurate data is the non-negotiable cornerstone of any Business Intelligence effort.

Think about how you find out that you have bad data. It is almost never by putting data into a system. You only find out about bad data when you try to get data out. So this begs the question – if you are going to embark on a data governance initiative before you roll out BI, what exactly are you going to govern? How do you know what to fix, if you can’t see that it is broken?

In this free white paper, we’ll cover these four steps to implementing Business Intelligence:

  • Identifying and Establishing the Vision
  • Appointing Your House of Representatives
  • Building the Process
  • Policing the State