09 2020 Tax Webinar Brunch Bunch 3 Blog

Getting Strategic: Incorporating Long Range Forecasts into your Tax Reporting Toolkit

Webinar Date: October 15, 2020 12 PM – 1 PM UTC

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We’ve considered challenges and solutions for tax forecasting in the short-term. How prepared are we for the risks and opportunities in the long-term?

In this final session Susie Cooke, Partner, Deloitte Canada, alongside insightsoftware’s Jamie Eagan, VP Product Management, and Kathryn Abate, Pre Sales Director, Tax, will look further ahead; incorporating potential and/or likely longer-term government measures occurring globally into your tax forecasting process. Expanding on the key themes of efficiency and flexibility highlighted in Brunch Bunch session #02, culminating with the ability to provide critical tax insight to your organization.

Join us to understand what government measures we could expect, and how scenario planning and forecasting can support you in translating these legislative changes into potential commercial outcomes for your business.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Understanding potential longer-term government measures
  • Factoring different outcomes into global long-range tax forecasts
  • Provide critical insight into the business