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How to Gain Instant Reporting Success

To help you make the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Reports investments, we’re going to review some tools within Jet Professional and Jet Enterprise that enable the quickest path to reporting success:  the Jet Browser, the Report Wizard, and the Table Builder. These features were created for the sole purpose of making your reporting life easier, faster, and more flexible! If you want a simple, straightforward way to differentiate what each of these Jet functions do, and what type of report is best used for each, you‘ll be adding this article to your browser favorites!

The Jet Browser

This tool provides an easy-to-use interface for report designers to utilize advanced searching and drag-and-drop functionality to create reports. You can think of it as a “bird’s eye view” of your database because it provides a holistic overview of your data. With this function, you can easily create a detail list or summary report.

Best to use when you need a simple detail list that may contain totals and/or summary information such as customers with balances, items on hand, or vendors with payments due.

Quantity Tracking Report Examle

The Report Wizard

This feature allows you to easily create an entire report from a single table within your database. It is a structured report interface that asks a series of questions to create a customized report for you based on the answers provided. The Report Wizard also creates grouping reports automatically by adding subtotals and grand totals to a report with just a few clicks. This type of report allows you to segment information by grouping data by salesperson or customer name, etc.

Best to use when you need multilevel grouping reports with a detail or transaction list such as balance by GL account with transactions from a GL transaction table.

GL Activity Detail Report

The Table Builder

This may be hailed as the most favorite wizard available from the Jet Ribbon because it takes the heavy lifting out of building reports, and it provides you with the opportunity to have fun with PivotTables, PivotCharts, and Slicers. The Table Builder creates reports inside of Excel that bridge the gap between fields from multiple tables.  As an example, you can link tables together to combine information from customer tables, customer ledger entry table, or an item table and an item ledger entry table and in most cases, picks up the common table join for you. It then allows for easy addition of hard-coded, or changeable filters.

Best to use when you need multi-table reports and combination of data to analyze with PivotTables and PivotCharts such as salesperson performance with customer and item details.

 Sales Team Performance

Use this Wizard Comparison for a quick reference for when to use each tool

Wizard Comparison

Take a look at our example report library for more examples and inspiration.

For more how-to articles and video tutorials, please visit the Jet Reports Knowledgebase and Resources page. If you are looking to take your reporting skills to the next level, and may be interested in receiving quality training and services from certified professionals, explore available classes on the Jet Reports User Training page.

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