From Shopping Malls To Dance Halls: The Transformation of Commercial Property

As online shopping continues its growth trend, brick and mortar retail, especially shopping centers, have had to rethink and adapt. According to a research article in Zacks, a portfolio tracker, one of our customers is rethinking their business: Simon Property Group.

Like others in the industry, Simon Property Group Inc. (a REIT) is getting creative about how they can increase the traffic and value of their retail facilities. The Zacks Equity Research article described the new partnership between Simon Property Group, Inc. and Lifetime Fitness to create an oasis at Southdale Center in Edina, Minnesota.

What was once a J.C. Penney store will become a 12,000-square foot athletic resort complete with rooftop pools and a beach.

We love to see our customers being inventive and succeeding, and we know that Hubble helps them to embrace partnership opportunities like these. By ensuring that everyone gets the most current information and can check their progress along the way to success, Hubble helps commercial property companies thrive in times of change.

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