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Features and Uses of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning software developed to help growing businesses manage their finances, inventories, and day to day operations. Designed with users in mind, it utilizes the familiar interface of other Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel and is compatible with many localizations, making it a top pick for businesses across industries and around the world.

Here’s an overview of some services that Microsoft Dynamics GP provides.

Finance Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers businesses total control of their finances, providing easy to understand and customizable overviews of accounts, budgets, and expenses. The software includes a general ledger to track non-financial data, automation for accounts payable and receivable, and monitoring services to track regular business inflows. Localization allows companies to manage both local and multinational transactions with ease.

Payroll and Human Resources

Automate payroll management with Microsoft Dynamics GP and benefit from automatic ledger updates. The software makes direct deposits of regular pay and bonuses simple, freeing up more time for the rest of your business.

Use the Human Resources functionality to streamline the hiring process and better manage current employees with scheduling, performance evaluation tools, and reminders for certification renewals or updated training requirements. Give employees control over their Personnel Profiles, enabling them to update their personal information, add new skills and training, and mark absences on the company schedule.

Project Management

Easily review project expenses, billing, and time management with the Project Management features of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Close integration with your financial data allows you to manage payments, invoices, client billing with speed and accuracy, no matter how many projects you’ve got.

Customer Directory and Sales History

Create a database of your clients and business contacts including sales information, contracts, order history, and other relevant data. Use this data to keep track of your clients’ needs and provide effective customer service and promising sales opportunities.

Supply Chain Management

Simplify supply chain and inventory management with automation using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Ensure customer needs are met with accurate inventory monitoring and predict future availability and demand using trends in your data history.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Gain insight into almost any area of your business using the detailed graphs and charts generated by Microsoft Dynamics GP. Compare that data you’ve accumulated over time to find trends and get details on the individual transactions that occurred including dates, client information, invoices and other records allowing you to make data-based decisions.

Consistent User Experience

Work can happen anywhere, and Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a consistent user-friendly experience between desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Check your reports, employee schedules, or send payments on the go.


Perhaps the biggest asset of Microsoft Dynamics GP is how many technologies it works alongside, enjoy flawless integrations with many additional Microsoft products including Microsoft Office 365, Word, Excel and Cloud. It possesses an active and helpful community that provides a wealth of compatible independent software solutions to meet any need and is optimized for SQL databases, allowing scalability and custom performance improvements.

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