Extended Discoverer Support Ends – What Do I Need To Know?

“All useful support has ended.”

If all of your Discoverer reports stopped working tomorrow, how would you be affected? And who is responsible for answering the question, “Could you have prevented this?’’

What Does Oracle Say?

Let’s start with some education. The last Discoverer release was in 2009. And we owe Discoverer a round of applause: There are not many software applications that go seven years without an update and still meet a functional requirement. Now, their extended support is ending and we move into the sustaining support phase.

Lifted straight from the Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Statement of Direction, we can see the key dates in the below table.

Extended versus Premier Oracle Discoverer

  • Extended support did not have certification with most new third-party products or versions (i.e. Web Browser, Windows 10)
  • Extended was not certified with most new Oracle products (12c Database)

Sustaining versus Dxtended Oracle Discoverer

  • Sustaining won’t have certification with most existing Oracle products or versions
  • Sustaining won’t be certified with most existing third-party products of versions
  • Sustaining won’t include software and operating system updates
  • It also won’t include new patches, alerts or scripts

What Does it Mean for You?

To start off, this change is a not-so-subtle hint to move off Discoverer. If you are still using it, you missed the advised date to migrate away back in June 2015. You can see Oracle’s statement on this from back in 2014.

Without premier support, there is now a significant risk with unsupported products. Also, if a bug is introduced, then you will be unable to get a new patch to resolve this bug. What does this look like for you?

Consider the web browser you use to access Discoverer. This browser is not made by Oracle and so it could be upgraded at any time, and in such a way that results in you being unable to access Discoverer. At some point in the future, Discoverer will likely stop working due to a bug introduced from a new version of the most popular web browsers. Further, many browsers are looking to de-support the Java plugin, integral to Discoverer. Chrome and Microsoft Edge have already done so, killing off access to Discoverer for those users.

Another thing to note? Business users generally use Windows 10 64bit. If you’re still using the Discoverer Admin and Desktop tools, your IT is going to struggle to support or install them. Since the last build of those tools was in 2009, they’re still in 32 bit.

Finally, the latest Oracle DB version is 12c, which does not support the Discoverer infrastructure. That means it really won’t install or run.

Have you already moved away from Discoverer? If not, learn more about how you can effortlessly transition away from this no longer supported system with our Oracle Discoverer Replacement option.