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Empower Your Finance Team to Handle Change in Uncertain Times

The world is undergoing rapid change. Now more than ever, Finance teams need to stay agile and adapt to rapidly changing business conditions. At the same time, they need to remain robust and fully in control of their figures. How do you use your financial planning and reporting tools to maximize performance during uncertain times?

Watch our free on-demand webinar to learn how you can:

  • Extend planning and reporting beyond finance
    • Gain a comprehensive overview faster by having teams across the organization input their data, supporting thousands of users across the globe
    • Get everyone on the same page by using driver-based budgeting
    • Collect information rapidly through built-in workflows
  • Be connected to the front line
    • Make quick, intelligent decisions by providing relevant reports to people at any level in the organization, at any time
    • Update forecasts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or on demand with input from front-line workers to drive greater accuracy
  • Work with accurate, up-to-date planning data to adapt quickly to change
    • Analyze figures by viewing budgets, forecasts, and actuals side-by-side in real time
    • Increase agility by modelling multiple scenarios to prepare for several potential future outcomes

Empower Your Finance Team to Handle Change in Uncertain Times

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