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Easier Excel Reporting: The Jet Ribbon Guide

Excel is an extremely useful tool to gain meaning out of vast amounts of data. When it’s combined with the power of Jet Reports, you obtain the incredible benefit of simplifying otherwise arduous tasks of manual report creation and business analytics.

We strive to make your reports fast, accurate, and easy to use. The Jet Ribbon is home to all the Jet Reports functions found within Excel and serves as the home base to the powerful capabilities Jet Reports adds to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, and AX reporting. To help you navigate and explore the Jet Ribbon, we’ve created this quick reference guide.

Each icon within the Jet Ribbon has a very specific function, all with the goal of making your job easier! If you want an easy way to remember what the Design, Snippet, or the Drilldown function does, this is the guide for you!

Bookmark or download a copy for your ultimate Jet Ribbon source!

Jet Reports Ribbon

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