Cut Reporting And Analytics

Cut Reporting and Analytics Spend by 99% —The Proof

Part 4 of 4

We’ve spent the last 3 blog posts of this series exploring the High Spend, Slow Time-To-Value vs. Low Spend, Rapid Time-To-Value approach to reporting and analytics. You’ve seen how the numbers, statistics, facts and examples illustrate the undeniable advantage of using the Low Spend approach with Jet Reports to yield greater return than monetary savings alone. More accurate data. Faster decisions. Increased profitability. Instant changes, upgrades and modifications. Elimination of copy-and-paste Excel mania.

And now my friends? Proof that we weren’t just making this stuff up.

Jet Reports customer Kinsey’s Archery, a wholesale distributor of hunting and fishing equipment for more than 50 years, purchased Microsoft Dynamics NAV and relied on their 2-person IT team to fulfill their reporting needs. It was quickly decided that being entirely dependent on IT was not a sustainable solution and implemented Jet Enterprise to solve the bottleneck. After the initial installation of just two hours, they fully implemented their customized Jet Enterprise BI and analytics solution in under two weeks, and have been leveraging their business data to capture new growth ever since – 32% growth, to be exact.

The overview:

  • Implementation time: less than 2 weeks
  • Total SQL Reports:
    • Before implementation: 127
    • After implementation: 4
    • IT staff time writing reports:
      • Before implementation: 20 hours a month (60 hours per quarter)
      • After implementation: 2 hours per quarter (less than 1 hour per month)
      • Total Time Savings: 99%
      • Revenue Growth since implementation: 32%

Read the full case study to find out more.