2016 Year End Blogpost

Jet Reports Data Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics Checklist

Welcome to 2016 Year-End!

If that statement made you feel a rush of anxiety, you are not alone. Year-end can prove to be a stressful and busy time for most businesses. From reconciling bank accounts to running reports, you need to ensure that everything is taken care of correctly, as the success of your company directly depends on it.

The end of the year is also a great time to check in on your infrastructure and technology solutions that may (or may not) have been working well to assist you in achieving your annual goals. It is the perfect time to assess your business planning and find new tools that will help you gear up for the New Year, gain better visibility on your performance and revenue opportunities, as well as increase your return on investments! Now is when you can resolve to ensure that your company prospers in 2017.

As you know, data and business intelligence (BI) have become increasingly crucial for organizations to remain competitive. If you are using data incorrectly, or if you don’t have the data needed to guide important decisions about your investments, resources and overall objectives, your business could be hurting. Therefore, implementing a BI solution can prove to be a game changer for your business by providing integrated insight into your data from all corners of the operation.

What is the best way to get started? As mentioned in a recent blog post, BI is about deciding where you want to go as an organization and what steps it will take you to get there. This year-end BI checklist will help you get you off to a good start. Work through these thought provoking and eye-opening questions, then provide your answers to any consultants and/or vendors who help you match solutions to meet your specific needs.

At Jet Reports, we are here to help make sure your data, reporting, and BI solutions planning goes smoothly so that you can find a corporate analytics solution that makes your New Year prosperous. If you fill this out and contact us, we’ll coordinate a completely customized walk-through of our solutions based on your needs. Contact us to request your personalized demo today!

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