Blog Success Webinar Modifying Pre Built Reports

Webinar: Modifying Pre-Built Jet Reports

Jet Reports pre-built reports are great, but what if a field you need is missing? What if you want to add a run-time filter? We…
Blog Success Webinar New Features In Jet 2018

Webinar: New Features of Jet 2018

It’s that time of year again where the newest version of Jet Reports is released. Learn about the newest features in the latest release.
Blog Success Webinar Working With Pre Built Reports

Webinar: Working with Pre-Built Jet Reports

Jet Reports is a tool built for instant success. Jet Reports has created over 50 pre-built reports for you - ranging from financials to sales…
Blog Success Webinar Report Distribution For Viwers

Webinar: Report Distribution for Viewers

Do you need to to distribute your reports to those, inside and/or outside your organization, who are not Jet report designers? We look at how…
Blog Success Webinar The Jet Web Portal

Webinar: Using the Jet Web Portal

Do you have several versions of the same report because you need to see your data by different date periods or ranges? Find out how…
Ms Inspire

Microsoft Inspire 2017 Recap

On July 9, 2017, Microsoft held the largest global event for their partners, aptly named “Microsoft Inspire” in Washington, D.C. Every year I have the…