Blog Success Webinar Report Writing Where To Start

Webinar: Where to Start?

Have you ever opened a blank Excel workbook to create a new report and asked yourself, “Where do I start?” Never again! Set yourself up…

Blog Success Webinar Summary List Or Detail List

Webinar: Summary List vs Detail List

Ever wonder whether you need to create a Summary List or a Detail List when designing a Jet Report? Or better yet, ever wonder what…

Blog Success Webinar The Power Of Pivot Tables

Webinar: The Power of Pivot Tables

PivotTables are powerful tools to help you organize and summarize data from Excel or other data sources in meaningful ways. Jet makes creating and using…

Blog Success Webinar Power Bi

Webinar: Jet and Power BI

On its own, Microsoft Power BI allows you to visualize data across your enterprise for rapid analysis. When combined with Jet Enterprise, Power BI becomes…

Blog Success Webinar Modifying Pre Built Reports

Webinar: Modifying Pre-Built Jet Reports

Jet Reports pre-built reports are great, but what if a field you need is missing? What if you want to add a run-time filter? We…

Blog Success Webinar New Features In Jet 2018

Webinar: New Features of Jet 2018

It’s that time of year again where the newest version of Jet Reports is released. Learn about the newest features in the latest release.