Calumo Skylights – Reports have never been easier

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December 27, 2020

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Calumo Skylights: Dynamic Images, Text and Tables to Streamline your Reporting

Is your finance team spending hours building the monthly board pack by cutting and pasting from Microsoft Excel, only to be told that someone missed an accrual, and every single report needs to be updated and checked?

Skylights is a key Calumo feature that allows you to embed connected images, reports, figures, and tables directly into your Word and PowerPoint documents. Monthly reports can be updated in minutes, not days, and you can be confident the numbers are accurate as they are pulled directly from the data source.

Skylights for PowerPoint

Skylights works by allowing sections of Calumo reports to be included as images in PowerPoint slides. These images connect directly back to the Calumo application. This means that they are dynamic in nature–able to be refreshed with the latest data at the click of a button. What’s more, reports can be rolled over to the next reporting period in a matter of seconds. So, you can spend more time communicating effectively and creating actionable insights.

Skylights for Word

Like Skylights for PowerPoint, Skylights for Word also allows sections of Calumo reports to be included as images. Where it differs is that this functionality extends to text! This means that not only will the images be dynamic, but also the accompanying titles, commentary, and tables. This further reduces the time it takes to build beautiful, interactive reporting packs that you can refresh and re-use each month at the click of a button.

Skylights brings up-to-date data into a format that works for you and your audience. Don’t spend hours cutting, pasting, and checking your reports. Reports are updated in minutes, and time saved on manual data entry and fact-checking can be used to deepen your understanding of the data trends and boost the value of the business insights you provide.

To learn more about how Calumo features boost efficiency and accuracy, request a demo, today.