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Automate & Streamline SAP Financial Management with Magnitude Solutions

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Join us at the SAP Insider Financial Management Virtual Summit on September 23-24 for fresh insights on automating and streamlining financial operations from Magnitude SourceConnect and Magnitude ProcessRunner (formerly Z-Option experts.

The SAP Insider Financial Management Virtual Summit is FREE for attendees and allows access to all live keynotes/general sessions, the virtual showcase, and the networking lounge, along with 30-day all access to on-demand sessions and materials. Register here for your free pass.

Key Conference Focus Areas and Agenda Tracks include:

Find out how we’re enabling fast, low cost and low-risk integration of third-party data and master data into SAP Central Finance by streamlining the data integration process with our Magnitude SourceConnect solutions now available globally through SAP as a Solution Extensions:

For accounting teams looking to close the books faster and more efficiently, Z Option GLSU makes it easy for finance users to automate their everyday FICO processes utilizing Excel, resulting in improved data quality and increased productivity.

Featured sessions:

Live Session: Successfully Manage Data Integration Challenges within SAP S/4HANA Central Finance

Wednesday, September 23rd

3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Speaker: John Hume, Solution Consulting Leader, Magnitude

When considering a move to SAP S/4HANA Central Finance, does your plan fully address how to integrate your existing non-SAP source system data and master data into your Central Finance implementation? Discover how adding SAP Solution Extensions by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA can facilitate and accelerate data integration for your move to Central Finance. This session will offer expert insights into overcoming the common challenges encountered when integrating financial data such as including, transaction detail, error handling, reconciliation, and master data harmonization.

  • Examine the complexities of building a solution for Central Finance and receive expert advice for enabling agile, intelligent finance operations
  • Explore the benefits of enabling intelligent data integration for Central Finance to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Discover how to integrate transactional and master data into SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance utilizing SAP solution extensions to reduce cost and risk

On-demand session: Gain Control of your Journal Entry Uploading Processes to Achieve a Better End-User Experience

Speakers: Tim Curtin, Solution Specialist, Magnitude Process Runner

This session explores how Process Runner by Magnitude’s GLSU solution, with its integration between Microsoft Excel and SAP, can be leveraged to improve journal entry uploading processes and provide a better user experience. Through demonstrations, you will learn how to leverage GLSU to validate information, park or post your financial journal entries, and document the process automatically.

  • Learn how to streamline the Financial document posting process resulting in a shorter month-end close cycle
  • See how using GLSU’s pre-validation feature can improve audit processing with increased accuracy
  • Explore how to use Excel and GLSU to automate manual entries or replace in-house (custom) uploaders

Visit with Magnitude experts in the Partner Showcase and meet with our SAP Financial Management experts 1:1 in our 1:1 virtual meeting room to address any questions you have or see a live demo.