Aigle Hong Kong Tackles SAP Reporting Shortfalls

Like many companies that rely on the SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Aigle―and the company’s Hong Kong office in particular―was concerned that reporting from SAP is time consuming and difficult. So, when the French footwear and textile company rolled out its new ERP system, finding an alternative financial reporting solution was a top priority.

“Our previous reporting software was closely aligned to Microsoft Excel and worked really well for us, so it was a natural concern to have,” said Florent Perrinelle, Asia IT and Project Manager at Aigle. “Therefore, we knew that it was critical to find a tool that could assist us in bridging this gap.”

Deep Integration with SAP

When Aigle Hong Kong decided it needed a tool to fit with the newly implemented SAP solution, the company ultimately wanted one that would enable it to continue producing the level of reporting that its previous software solution had supported.

After considering two options, the company chose to implement Excel-based GL Wand from insightsoftware due to how easily it enabled the finance staff to generate the required reports, as well as its deep integration with SAP.

“Our initial brief to the team looking into this was to find us a solution that would enable us to maintain the status quo,” said Perrinelle. “When we discovered that GL Wand would allow us to do even more than expected, it became the obvious choice. Our people all have very strong Excel skills, so they have been able to use it intuitively, and with little training required.”

The new reporting solution’s user-friendliness and ability to access and report real-time SAP data has helped reduce the time needed to create effective financial reports, as well as eased the migration to SAP.

“GL Wand quickly eliminated the concerns we initially had about the move to SAP negatively impacting our ability to produce such reports,” described Perrinelle. “In fact, thanks to the manner in which GL Wand works with SAP, it has improved the process significantly.”

A Transformative Solution

Not only is GL Wand used to produce management reports, but the resulting information is considered more reliable, too. The company uses the Excel-based solution to produce a wide range of reports, including balance sheet, income statement by profit center, cost center reports, and intercompany reports. The tool has also assisted Aigle in generating additional reports that had previously been manually created.

“Obviously, when one manually captures data into reports, either by typing it in or by copying and pasting from a SAP report, it inherently increases the risk of errors,”  noted Perrinelle. “In addition, this tool’s drill down functionality means that it if something requires investigation, you just drill down as far as required in order to check your numbers. This makes it much easier to find and correct any inconsistencies or errors.”

Improved accuracy and reliability of information has been matched with a reduced time frame for producing reports. But the best, according to Perrinelle, is how well GL Wand and SAP dovetail when it comes to creating these reports.

“The SAP system creates trustworthy data, and then GL Wand enables us to interpret it and turn it into meaningful reports,” he explained.

Perrinelle considers GL Wand a tool that will work for both large and small organizations. He has noticed that the financial team is able to make more accurate decisions much faster, while also being freed from the cumbersome process of manual report creation, thereby enabling them to focus more closely on other aspects of their work.

“For smaller organizations, the beauty of this tool is that it gives you the ability to create accurate, effective, and better looking reports without having to invest enormous amounts of money in bespoke software,” described Perrinelle.