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November 10, 2022

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Your business needs actionable insights from your Oracle ERP data to respond to volatile market conditions and outpace your competition. But generating custom reports requires deep technical knowledge and the process is often managed by IT. The process can often take weeks, if not months, and, in many cases, the report or dashboard is limited to a single use case and applicable only to a single business unit or user – often only the requester.

Your team needs to move faster and smarter in today’s high-tech business world. Not only is there more data to handle, but there’s also the need to dig deep into it for insights into markets, trends, inventories, and supply chains so that your organization can understand where it is today and where it will stand tomorrow. This requires access to real-time, accurate, functional views of transactional data enabling rapid decision making.

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The numbers show that finance professionals want more from their operational reporting tools. insightsoftware recently partnered with Hanover Research to discover which tools finance professionals use most for operational reports and how they feel about those tools. In a survey of 500 finance decision-makers across multiple industries around the world, we found that 89 percent of finance professionals are not satisfied with the tools they use for operational reporting. Only 23 percent are able to produce all the operational reports required. So, that leaves a lot of professionals, probably including some of your own team, who want and need more from their operational reporting tools.

When seeking the right tool, your key stakeholders all have different priorities:

  • Your CFO is seeking to implement standardized, cost-effective operational reporting for EBS.
  • BI managers are looking for a simple enterprise-wide solution which lets business users create ad-hoc reporting with less reliance on IT.
  • IT wants a fast time-to-value, cost-effective, secure solution, which leverages existing BI investments to reduce their initial load.

Oracle ERPs come loaded with native reporting tools. While these may promise to satisfy all the above needs, they require deep technical knowledge to get to that point.

Thankfully, the right tool exists to meet all their needs. Follow along to discover how Angles for Oracle delivers actionable insights to your business users and significantly improves their operational reporting experience.

Enhance Your Operational Reporting Needs with Angles for Oracle (APAC)

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Angles simplifies your operational reporting for Oracle

It is time for you to make insights easily accessible and consumable for your business users who need a fast, secure, and intuitive experience way to analyze Oracle ERP data. With Angles for Oracle ERPsmarts your team can:

  • Discover fast, real-time access to application data avoids IT assistance and time-consuming data preparation and ensures accurate reporting.
  • Quickly modify or extend business views to fit their needs without typical delays.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in from proprietary toolsets, private clouds, questionable support, infrequent updates, and limited knowledge bases.

With Angles, your team can streamline the traditionally manual process of implementing reporting tools and enterprise-wide BI initiatives. Able to easily access and customize operational reports, they can simplify their workflows, foster collaboration between departments and spend their time uncovering insights, not just fixing data issues.

Angles solutions come with more than pre-loaded 1,800 no-code business views and reports, which includes pre-built content by module/subject area. Out of the box you get:

  • Ready-to-go SaaS software with no installation needed.
  • Built-in integration optimized for Oracle.
  • Support for additional data sources.
  • The ability to integrate reports with BI tool of choice.

As an added benefit, business views are available for cloud applications to easily allow for synchronized, operational reporting outside of the application interface and to be able to handle more complex use cases.

Reporting is always a challenge because so many stakeholders are trying to get the information out of Oracle, especially EBS. Angles for Oracle provides a very stable and compact platform on which to run the reports.” – Srini ChavalI, Director of Enterprise Database and Tools, Cummins, Inc.

Learn more or even schedule a demo here, and see how Angles for Oracle can help transform your business today.

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