6 Elements

6 Elements You Need in Your Ultimate Sales Dashboard

Data is great! But too many different reports being shoved in front of you makes it easy to get weighed down and overwhelmed with all that information. What’s the point if you can’t make sense of it? Building a sales dashboard is an easy way to quickly visualize the numbers and information that matters, so you can target where to drive more revenue and identify opportunities. If you want to get everyone on the same page, track progress and enable team members to make smarter, faster decisions, consider including the following elements in your sales dashboard:

  1. Slicers: In an Excel Pivot Table dashboard this is a visually impressive and easy way to select specific parameters that can hone in on revenue opportunities or identify obstacles. Consider including these filters as Slicers:
    1. Company
    2. Year
    3. Item Category
    4. Product group
    5. Salesperson
  2. Date Range Selector:  It may seem like an obvious choice, but you should be able to quickly adjust all the information in your sales dashboard at once based on a particular time frame. You should never have to wait to get the data that says “What did we do during x or y of last year?”
  3. High-Level Numbers: Top line dollars with bottom line details, and personnel performance are the crux of assessing how healthy your team and your growth is.
    1. Total sales
    2. Profit %
    3. Top sales person
  4. Sales & Gross Profit over Time: Visually showing your sales trend timeline is the cornerstone to understanding how your business engine is running.
  5. Top Selling Items: If you don’t know what you’re selling more of and when, then you can’t proactively adjust your activity, resources and messaging with timing that sets you up for success because it aligns with the (real) trends.
    1. Item #
    2. Sales for period*
    3. Profit for period*
    4. Profit %
  6. Top 5 Customers: Same thing as above, but instead of the what, this is the who.
    1. Customer name
    2. Sales for period*
    3. Profit for period*
    4. Profit %

*Conditional formatting is a great addition to these numbers to give dashboard viewers an easy way to visualize rankings. Not sure how to add conditional formatting? This video will teach you how in about 2 minutes!