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4 Ways GL Wand Helps You Meet Tight Deadlines with SAP Reporting

SAP is one of the world’s largest tech companies, but that doesn’t mean it excels in all areas. Take SAP reporting as an example. The tools that come built into the ERP make reporting possible, but they miss the mark when it comes to finance.

Some of the most common complaints relate to the fact that the SAP financial reporting process is confusing and cumbersome, often requiring help from the IT team. Users are also disappointed with the lack of easy customization for reports. Speed is another issue. Reports take so much time (and other resources) to create that by the time they’re finished, they’re overdue and possibly even irrelevant.

There are ways to improve everything about SAP reporting, but in this post, we will focus on speeding the process up so that reporting teams can meet tight deadlines. GL Wand, a financial analysis tool developed by insightsoftware, accelerates reporting without compromising quality. Companies no longer have to choose between reporting quickly, carefully, or comprehensively. With GL Wand, the reporting process is optimized in every way. Here are some of the things you can do for your SAP reporting with GL Wand.

Operate in a Familiar Format

SAP ERP is designed to be comprehensive, not necessarily accessible. GL Wand moves the reporting process outside the SAP ecosystem and into the Excel ecosystem: a space where accountants are comfortable. The ability to access familiar features, functions, and interfaces makes reporting more intuitive and much faster as a result.

Automatically Populate Reports

SAP reporting is a labor-intensive process that requires individuals (or teams) to spend hours manually transferring data between locations. GL Wand automates this process and plugs data into reports with little to no effort from the reporting team.

Automation transforms report generation, making a grueling process almost effortless. It also turns reports into dynamic documents that offer a continually updated perspective into enterprise performance instead of a one-time snapshot. Some GL Wand users have saved three to five days each month thanks to the efficiency offered by automation.

Sap Reporting

Customize Reports without Confusion

SAP reporting tools don’t make it easy to build customized reports, requiring users to go to IT for help. GL Wand makes it easy enough to customize reports through its familiar Excel interface that users don’t need outside assistance, specialized training, or even that much technical expertise. Intuitive features designed with the end-users in mind make self-service reporting a reality. Instead of waiting for IT to help, users get exactly what they want, practically on demand.

Add Extra Layers of Insight to Each Report

Meeting reporting deadlines only matters if those reports contain the information that decision makers actually need. GL Wand adds extra layers of insight to the typical SAP reporting process by enabling users to drill into the data. Users can select specific metrics (or groups of metrics) and explore the data behind them at the balance, journal, or entire journal-entry level. Providing insights is more important than meeting deadlines, but GL Wand facilitates both.

Remember, slow reporting isn’t just frustrating. It’s a waste of effort and resources if reports arrive too late to be of value. It’s also a lost opportunity considering the business opportunities created by exceptional reports that arrive ahead of schedule. If your SAP reporting process is disappointing, continuing dissatisfaction is not inevitable when GL Wand is an option. Contact insightsoftware to learn more or to schedule a free demo.