10 Steps for Fighting Inertia in the Financial Process

If you have an opportunity to improve financial processes with new software, yet find it daunting to build the necessary internal awareness and identify the right solution for your ERP environment, you aren’t alone. The effort involved to find and implement software leads many organizations to stay in the comfort zone of the status quo rather than implement a technology that avoids process bottlenecks for finance teams looking to become more lean and agile.

One reason for such technology inertia is a negative experience with a software project in the past, as with a time or cost overrun. Or, perhaps the decision to adopt a technology didn’t entail a careful consideration of its wider impact on the organization, leading to a poor fit by either under- or over-delivering on the right features. In any of these situations, the results might have been rework, wasted effort, lost capital, and a lingering reticence to explore new technologies.

Fortunately, if you use a systematic process that considers a range of variables for assessing and implementing new software, you can isolate a solution that achieves your goals for improving key financial processes, like reporting, budgeting, and planning. Download insightsoftware’s new ebook, Fighting Inertia in Financial Processes, to learn 10 steps that prove the process for identifying, trialing, purchasing, and implementing software doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems.

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