Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Do you want to create financial reports within Excel? Do you require Microsoft Dynamics AX data from outside the General Ledger module? Do you need access to real-time data and the ability to drill down (inside or outside of your General Ledger) to understand what’s driving variances? If so, Atlas lets you create financial and operational reports from any Microsoft Dynamics AX module, within Excel, without waiting for IT. 

Wands for SAP

Your essential Excel-based reporting and uploading tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Atlas accelerates and automates your financial and operational reporting, providing two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX so you can report over real-time data from any module, drill into the detail, and then upload any changes you might make, like budget re-forecasting, all from Excel or another Office application. 

Realize value

Realize value from day one

Get up and running within a matter of hours. Deliver production reports within days. Choose from a library of easily customizable, pre-built templates, or create a custom report from inside the familiar Excel environment to deliver the information your business needs. 

AX module

Report against any Microsoft Dynamics AX module

Report from any of the 3,500+ tables available in Microsoft Dynamics AX .  Mix and match data from multiple sources to see the big picture. Use data from all Microsoft Dynamics AX modules, including vertical and customized tables, while inheriting the native Microsoft Dynamics AX security framework.

Real time data

Work with real-time data to answer questions fast

Create ad hoc reports against live Microsoft Dynamics data, with no need to maintain a copy of your data in a separate reporting database. Refresh reports at any time for confident decision-making against the latest, most accurate data. Drill down into balances or journals or out to sub modules to understand your numbers. 

Bulk Uploads

Eliminate error-prone, manually-intensive bulk uploads

Simplify bulk uploads with a fast, automated, secure, and repeatable import process from within the Excel. Upload to any Microsoft Dynamics module, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budget, Fixed Assets, General Journal, General Ledger, Inventory Management, and more. 

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