Agility PIM Solution Offers 3 Hosting Models

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Private SaaS

If you want the convenience of cloud, without the headache of managing it, Agility will host your PIM on a single-tenant Microsoft Azure environment.

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If you want complete control of your environment and the security of seeing where your data resides, you can choose to host Agility PIM on your own servers.

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Your Own Cloud

If you already have a preferred cloud service provider where you host other applications, you can add Agility PIM to your own cloud environment.

How to Purchase a PIM Solution

Implementing a product information management solution (PIM) has the potential to spark a growth, productivity, and efficiency spurt in your business. When contemplating which PIM to select, and which pricing model makes sense for your business, don’t sell yourself short by making a calculation based on today’s needs, i.e., 5 licenses for 200,000 products with 10 sales channels.

With Agility PIM, you get functionality you’ll never outgrow and predictable pricing for the future—upfront.


From the moment you implement our software, Agility supports, at no extra cost, unlimited products/SKU’s, unlimited export channels and/or API connections, and unlimited languages.

Additional user licenses can be added as needed, with a transparent, predictable price.

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Agility PIM’s product information management solution is licensed on an annual subscription fee for an instance of the software, plus an incremental cost based on the number/type of users.

We offer three hosting options: SaaS, on-premises, or in your own private cloud.

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You get enterprise-level, fully functioning software upfront, no greyed-out features or extra-cost add-ons to get all the capabilities you need today or might need tomorrow.

Our “small” print:

  • Pricing is available for SaaS and software only
  • The initial subscription term is 36 months; automatically renewing every 12 months unless cancelled
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You don’t have to settle for one-size-fits-all, a seat-is-a-seat user licensing. Agility’s role-based licenses are priced based on user involvement with the PIM system and their scope of work.

You can tailor your cost to the needs of your team – don’t pay for more than they’ll use.

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Implementing Agility PIM

We know (from years of experience) how to get systems – and people – talking to each other. Before we even begin to install Agility PIM, we’ll work with you to devise and develop the ideal process for your business and your timeframe.

Implementation is a one-time cost included on your initial contract and includes system installation, data model consulting, data migration, upstream and downstream integrations as well as training

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Are you Ready for a Product Information Management Solution?

Our 3-minute PIM readiness assessment can show  you the potential value of a PIM Solution can bring to your company

Not Your Average PIM Pricing

If you're shopping around for a PIM solution, you'll find Agility's simple, transparent, flexibile and scalable pricing model is unqiue.

  Agility Other PIMs
Unlimited SKUs
Unlimited attributes
Unlimited languages
Unlimited downstream and upstream connections
Open API with unlimited connections
Powerful data integration toolkit
Native integration with Adobe InDesign
User license pricing based access/role

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