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With hundreds of successful installs under our belts, we know how to get systems – and people – talking to each other. Our methodology helps clients master their product information so they can realize quick wins and begin to see benefits in efficiency. With Agility PIM, customers can start by implementing a contained, specific use case and can then grow exponentially. This provides less risk, quicker buy-in and ongoing ROI.

PIM Implementation Process

Agility PIM Implementation Process

When it comes to the Agility PIM solution, a highly detailed implementation process starts long before you see any software. 

We’ll staff your project with members of our customer solutions team, and in some regions supplemented by partners who have extensive experience with and specialized knowledge of our product. You’ll assign core subject matter experts and stakeholders from your own organization to inform the process. Your team will quickly become familiar with the toolset and can begin to take ownership of your PIM system.

We know implementation can be a stressful experience, especially for IT. The agile, iterative process we’ve established ensures we get things right the first time by proceeding through a series of a phases:

  1. Kick-Off

    Introduce the people involved in the project, review the contract terms and products purchased and outline the implementation process.

  2. Discovery Workshop

    Complete an in-person, hands-on, facilitated workshop to understand client/stakeholder problems and gain a shared understanding of business processes; explore ideas and develop a design direction before starting the implementation.

  3. System Orientation

    Provide a general overview of Agility PIM including features and functionality so customer can make more informed workflow and data modeling decisions.

  4. Data Modeling

    Define requirements to migrate existing product data into the Agility PIM database. Identify source data and determine level of granularity required. Discuss item classification, product attribute setup, class-based attributes, choice lists and other data controls.

  5. Solution Design

    Establish system configuration (e.g., what data will be stored and where) and propose process changes that reflect planned software usage. Build a design specification for integration to selected systems.

  6. Configuration & Data Migration

    Install and set up Agility database and client modules at customer site or in the Cloud, including test and development instances, as needed. Configure system with agreed upon data model. Complete initial data and asset ingestion.

  7. Integration

    Configure both upstream and downstream integrations with Agility to allow for ongoing data feeds and updates from source systems into Agility as well as full and incremental data feeds from Agility to recipient systems and channels.

  8. Testing

    Test system integrations. Engage a small group of people to use the PIM system to build a pilot publication and/or website, testing role-based training and workflow.

  9. Training

    Provide admin/super user training on system and user administration as well as end user training. This is followed by role-based end user training on system functionality and workflow to prepare for rollout.

  10. Roll-Out

    Manage the transition from training to actual use and monitor progress. Turn over day-to-day support for the customer to the help desk/support team. Train the customer on the Agility help desk/support process.

Are you Ready for a Product Information Management Solution?

Our 3-minute PIM readiness assessment can show  you the potential value of a PIM Solution can bring to your company

Your Agility PIM Implementation

We have hundreds of successful PIM solution installs under our belts, but we don’t sell boilerplate systems. Growing with customers is our mission and core objective, and we pride ourselves on the collaborations we’ve enjoyed with our customers, who have been with us, on average, more than 10 years. A thoughtful, well-structured implementation creates the foundation for that future growth and empowers customers to reap the rewards of product information management.

Your Customer Success Advocate will work with you to devise and develop the ideal implementation process for your business and your timeframe. After implementation, your Advocate will continue to serve as your champion to ensure you continue to realize benefits from your Agility PIM. In addition, the Agility global support team will be your day-to-day resource to answer questions and provide advice to end-users, capture enhancement requests, and replicate and resolve bugs.

Integration Services

Agility integrates with all upstream and downstream systems. We specialize in helping you to secure your most valuable product information at the stable core of a robust enterprise, so the scope of its reach is unlimited.

Agility by itself is a tremendous benefit to a company’s product management and marketing efforts. Combined with its APIs and other components of its integration tool set, it becomes a key component in the enterprise, helping to manage the communication of product data between systems.

Other APIs provide “listeners” that monitor for changes in workflow and product information, triggering the system to send changed data to the web or other systems within the enterprise. In addition to APIs, Agility provides a host of integration tools ranging from simple imports and exports of XML or text; to Content Gateway, a facility that provides for real-time lookups of data from other systems directly to Agility; to an Excel plugin that allows one-keystroke exports and imports to and from Excel. And because Agility is based on standard tools from companies like IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, sharing data will always be the strongest link in your system evolution.

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Ongoing Support

With central offices on three continents and a network of partners around the world, the sun never sets on Agility Support Services.

The Agility Helpdesk is a one-stop site providing our customers with:

  • Easy to navigate support for all aspects of Agility
  • Step-by-step installation and configuration guides for all Agility applications
  • User-friendly release notes, regularly updated to detail fixes and enhancements available for release
  • An active Agility-user community for sharing ideas, raising enhancement requests and shooting questions directly to Agility support
  • A practical roadmap to get you started in the help center

Meanwhile, whether you need help with upgrades or have even the simplest question, an experienced member of our support team is always available.