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Can You Deliver The Buying Experience Today’s Customers Expect?

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Is Your Product Information Still Too One-Size-Fits-All?

If your eCommerce experience fails to convert customers, you could be struggling to offer the same personized experience when it comes to your product presentation as you do elsewhere in your buyer’s journey. Adding and maintaining information on multiple attributes and specifications with multiple pictures and even video and 360º imagery taxes even the most skilled teams

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Finding Your Products is Hard for Target Customers

Manually managing product information across channels leads to missed opportunities and can tax even the most efficient teams. Incomplete, outdated, or unenriched product information won’t appear in competitive searches or found on your eCommerce site.

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3rd Party Product Data Sources Hurting Your SEO

You’ve saved time with third party product data, but your search rankings are lagging and so are sales. You realize insufficient product descriptions might be a cause but enriching the product descriptions for so many different products is just too much for your team to manage.

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E is for Effortless

Visitors come to your site on a mission. They have a product in mind and want to get to the information that will allow them to make informed purchase decisions quickly. Today, with a single click, consumers can find and order virtually anything they want. eCommerce has transformed many aspects of the shopping experience, but mostly it has transformed shoppers.

Customers come to an eCommerce site with a towering set of expectations, learned from their experiences with popular online retailers. They expect to be able to search and find products based on multiple attributes like size, weight, color, material, etc. They expect product pages to be information-rich with multiple product images and often videos, complete specifications, descriptive copy that highlights distinctive features, user guides, related products, needed accessories and supplies, and more. They expect to receive personalized product recommendations that are on point.

Proper Product Information Management makes these customer experiences possible

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Findable Products

A well-designed product taxonomy allows you to structure your site so that browsers can find their way to the correct place. Most e-commerce customers go directly to search to find products. In fact, the most motivated customers go right to the search function and are twice as likely to convert, according to e-consultancy.com. The larger your product base, the more you need faceted search to enable filtering by product attributes. The key to good, faceted searching is having consistent data presented in a logical and uniform fashion.

Agility PIM can automate the population of product attributes based on business rules. This speeds the process and leads to increased conversion rates from more complete product content. PIM also gives you greater visibility to product data quality and completeness so you can identify gaps in product attribution which may be excluding products from search results.

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Information-Rich Product Pages

According to Forbes, eighty-eight percent of shoppers characterize detailed product content as being extremely important and eMarketer research finds that eighty-six percent of customers are unlikely to buy products from a brand after an experience with incomplete or inaccurate product information.

Customers depend on a broad set of online product data and related information, including reviews, digital assets, and editorial content, to help them along their buying journey. Agility PIM has tools and processes that can help you identify data gaps and inconsistencies within your product data.

Batch processes and Smart Attributes can use formulas to stitch together a set of attributes into a long name or other meta tags to support search and reports and custom templates can help you identify missing key attributes, images, or other content elements that move the needle in conversions.

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Personalized Experiences

Personalization works. One study found that eighty-eight percent of customers feel more positively about a brand if they receive a more personalized experience. Tapping into the information you have about your customers allows you to create a buying experience and make product recommendations that are relevant.

Just as marketing tailors communications to the needs of different audiences by segment, language, budget, etc., Agility PIM helps you contextualize product information based on what you know about a customer’s preferences and purchase history. In addition to mining specifications for data that may relate to your customers and their purchase history, Agility allows you to Tag products by application, function, interest, location data, demographic data, and any number of other factors that can be mapped to corresponding customer data, allowing you to serve up a more personalized, targeted, shopping experience.

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We recently upgraded from an older version of Governance to Agility’s new AMI user interface and are already realizing the benefits. One advantage we have already realized is giving our Content Manager’s more control by allowing them to import/export data in and out of the system independently which has enabled them to enrich data much faster. We are also working towards building more choice lists and validations to ensure we deliver consistent and high quality data to the website. Each of these abilities allows Allied Electronics & Automation to deliver a great customer experience which is my team’s priority.

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